Let Kylie Jenner Show You How To Wear Metallics

by Augusta Statz

It’s fun to rock shiny shades during the summer months, and this girl’s already proven that she knows how to do metals just right. But, that was in the beauty realm. Let Kylie Jenner show you a new way to wear metallics because she’s got the shades of the season down when it comes to lippies and to fashion, apparently.

For an OOTD game that’s strong all summer long, shop metallic shorts just like Jenner's. I wouldn’t have thought of rocking something this bold in short-form, but now that Jenner’s showing just how it’s done there’s no denying that this look works. She paired her gold bottoms with a simple brown tank top, and couldn’t have looked more prepared for warm weather. There’s nothing more fun than wearing a metallic finish that’s going to shine in the sun, and Jenner couldn’t agree more.

Thankfully, there are a lot of different metallic styles to suit whatever kind of vibe you’re going for. You want a pair of shorts that will pair well with your sneakers and your athleisure feels? You got it? Want a pair that you can rock with heels? You can find that, too. See Jenner’s latest outfit for all of the inspiration you’ll need to sport some metals this summer.

King Kylie's killing it in some "King K" colored bottoms.

1. Shimmer Shorts

Monki Metallic Short, $30, ASOS

These are just the bottoms you need for all of the lazy girl-chic feels.

2. Rose Gold Bottoms

Puma Mini Shorts In Metallic Rose Gold, $49, ASOS

Shiny athleticwear is the way to go this season.

3. Golden Glow Bottoms

Cuffed Metallic Shorts, $16.99, Forever 21+

How effortless, yet classy are these gold bottoms? They're going to pair well with everything!

4. Shiny Silver Shorts

Metallic Shorts, $14.90, Forever 21

These short silver shorts are sure to keep you looking cool this summer.

5. Metallic Sheen Shorts

Metallic Short, $59.95, Lane Bryant

A fun print and a metallic finish is all you need for summer.

6. Metallic Threaded Bottoms

Plus Size Gold Metallic Shorts, $27.95, Deb Shops

A mix of metallic thread add a little bit more shimmer to your look.

7. Leather-Looking Metallic Shorts

Leather Look Metallic Boxing Shorts, $54, ASOS

These metallic boxing shorts are all sorts of athleisure goals.

Leave it to Jenner to discover the way you'll wear metallics for the rest of the season. Can't say I'm surprised, though. Get ready to channel your inner Jenner and show your shimmer power in some short shorts this summer, ladies!

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)