Awesome New Project For This 'Happy Endings' Star

Why yes, now that you've begged to know, we are still heartbroken over the premature cancellation of Happy Endings. It haunts us everyday. Still, even if it will not completely fill the void, watching the comedic talents who made their names chasing that happy ending does give us some joy to ease the pain. Now, former Alex Kerovich Elisha Cuthbert's heading to a new NBC sitcom with Nick Zano.

The show, called One Big Happy (hey a word in that sounds familiar) and coming in part from Ellen DeGeneres' A Very Good Production company (DeGeneres will also co-executive produce), will focus on Cuthbert's Lizzy and Zano's Luke. Lizzy's a lesbian and Luke's her heterosexual best friend, and according to Deadline the two have been trying for a while to conceive a baby together through artificial insemination. The beginnings of the show will take place when Lizzy finally gets knocked up, at the same time that Luke meets and quickly marries the love of his life Dharma & Greg-style.

Aside from Happy Endings Cuthbert's been known for her roles in 24 and 2004's The Girl Next Door, and Zano (who also appeared for an arc on Happy Endings) has been seen in 2 Broke Girls, Cougar Town, 90210, and that Amanda Byne/Jenny Garth sitcom of yore What I Like About You.

Here's to a big future of Happy Endings stars getting scooped up by awesome projects. And here's to never forgetting Alex Kerkovich.