This Is How Much Jaclyn Hill's New Palette Costs

Jaclyn Hill is full of surprises. The makeup-artist-turned-makeup-creator, who's a favorite among beauty bloggers and editors, announced last month that she would be teaming up with BECCA for a second time to launch the Jaclyn Hill X BECCA Champagne Glow palette. The repeat-collab is no surprise given the success of the duo's first venture, the Champagne Pop Highlighter. If you're wondering, however, how much Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Glow palette is going to cost you, wonder no more.

On Tuesday night at the product's launch event in New York City, surrounded by her biggest beauty industry fans, Hill announced that she wasn't just producing a palette — she told everyone that she was coming out with a whole line. According to one of Bustle's Fashion & Beauty Editors who attended the event, the Glow collection will also include an eyeshadow palette and a liquid highlighter, on top of the Champagne Glow palette.

Then, as if we weren't all already at the point of total-overwhelmed-happiness, Hill announced that she would be selling some of the products prematurely before the May 26 release date — as in, right now. Tuesday night.

Get out your credit cards, ladies! We may have another #kylielipkit situation on our hands. But first thing's first — how much is it going to cost you?

The palette is selling for $52 right now, and Hill expects it to sell out in the next 24 hours. There's only a limited quality of face palettes available exclusively on the Sephora Mobile App. If you want it, you better act fast — download the app and enter “#ChampagneGlow” in the search bar for early access.

The face palette includes the classic Champagne Pop, a soft white gold with pink peach undertones; the new Prosecco Pop, a medium warm gold inspired by liquid gold; the new Rose Spritz Luminous Blush, a soft peachy pink with pale gold shimmer; the new Amaretto Mineral Blush, a matte toasted almond; and lastly, the new Pamplemousse Mineral Blush, a matte warm coral pink.

If you aren't able to snag it, don't worry — there will be plenty more released on the actual sale date, May 26. Keep your chin up, JH fans!

Image: Erin Mayer