Donald Trump Told Megyn Kelly He Maybe Has Regrets

by Alexi McCammond

In her one-on-one interview with the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump told Megyn Kelly he has some regrets about his campaign so far. In Kelly's exclusive interview with Trump, she began by asking him about the controversial comments he's made about women, as well as his confrontational attitude throughout the election. Kelly asked Trump point-blank if he thinks he has made any mistakes throughout the year's presidential election, and, surprisingly, he named a few things he "could've done without."

In order to get Trump to be specific, Kelly asked him for his retrospective thoughts on when he attacked Heidi Cruz for her looks earlier in the campaign. I guess you can only expect so much from a man who has built his campaign on hateful rhetoric, but Trump kind of, sort of admitted that he maybe made a mistake with that one. “I could’ve done without it. I guess you could say she’s fair game because she’s very much involved in the campaign," Trump told Kelly in a half-hearted attempt to take responsibility for his actions that were definitely mistakes.

Although Trump said that he could have done without bringing Cruz's wife into the spotlight, he initially tried to deny that he ever previously said this was a mistake.

Classic Trump move to walk back a statement he has made in the past, even when he's given an opportunity to right his wrongs. After this exchange, Trump quickly tried to divert the responsibility from himself, and instead blame it on Twitter. "I have millions of followers @realdonaldtrump. The thing that gets me in trouble is retweets; the retweets seem to really get me in trouble," Trump told Kelly during their interview.

This comment about Trump's retweets getting him into trouble was particularly awkward for his exchange with Kelly — Trump previously called Kelly a bimbo via a retweet he posted on Twitter.

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Later, Trump also admitted that he kind of regretted the language he has used throughout the campaign season. Trump has made many terrible comments throughout the election this year that the presumptive GOP should most assuredly regret saying out loud. However, after Trump almost admitted to making a mistake with these comments — specifically his comments about John McCain and Carly Fiorina's face — he did what he does best and defended his actions:

Yeah, I guess so, but you have to go forward. You make a mistake, you go forward. You can correct a mistake, but to look back and say, 'Gee I wish I didn’t do that,' I don’t think that’s good and in a certain way I don’t think that’s healthy.

In the end, though, Trump's campaign "regrets" are ultimately what he thinks have made him so successful:

I could’ve used different language in certain situations, but I think if I didn’t conduct myself in the way I’ve done I don’t think I would’ve ben successful. If I would’ve been soft, or presidential... if I would not have fought back the way I’ve fought back I don’t think I would’ve been successful.

I guess I shouldn't have expected Trump to feel real, human emotions just because he was participating in this ever-important interview with Kelly. He pulled on America's heartstrings by almost admitting that he maybe, kind of, sort of had some regrets this campaign season, but then quickly let us down by ultimately dismissing all of his previously harsh comments. Here's to Trump making America great again, one mean comment (and apparently zero regrets) at a time.