The Latest Too Faced Collab Isn't About Makeup

Too Faced is all about dem blockbuster collabos. From Kat Von D, which is still shrouded in a black sheath of mystery, to Nikkie Tutorials, the brand loves a mashup. Too Faced's latest collaboration has nothing to do with a makeup, actually. It's an accessory — more specifically, it's sunglasses. Too Faced and QUAY Australia have teamed up for a pair of retro pink frames with mirrored gold lenses, since makeup and fashion go hand in hand. So maybe this collabo is about makeup, but in a more subtle way! The sunnies are limited edition and they are absolutely gorge. I am currently breaking a commandment by coveting a pair and I usually don't do non-black frames. But these are worth breaking my all-black wardrobe and accessories code. Where and how can you get the Too Faced x QUAY sunglasses?

Here's the deal. If you buy any Too Faced bronzer via the brand's site, you can purchase the QUAY shades for $55. Simply use the "Sunny" code when checking out and you will get these shades, which are an $85 value.

QUAY Two Faced Limited Edition Sunnies, $55, Too Faced

Nothing pairs more perfectly with deliciously bronzed skin than a pair of shades. This is the safest and most fashionable way to get a tanned glow, right?

Observe the killer shades, which have a cool, cat eye, and vintage-like shape, below.

QUAY Two Faced Limited Edition Sunnies, $55, Too Faced

The shades are the brand's My Girl frame, designed in the signature Too Faced hue — baby pink. OMG, you guys. I think I just found a new fave sunglasses brand. My other fave brand, Valley Eyewear, is also Aussie. Down Under shades brands are the best, yo!

Here is the screen grab of the main details re: how to get the Too Faced x QUAY sunglasses.. It's so easy to shop these cotton candy pink stunners with champagne gold lenses.

And this is the caption of the Too Faced Insta post, which displays even more critical details about these limited avail beauties. Note: You must add the bronzer and the sunglasses to your cart when shopping.

So, go scoop up a fresh bronzer for the imminent summer months and a pair of shades, thanks to Too Faced.

The Too Faced partnerships keep getting better and better. KvD. Nikkie Tutorials. QUAY sunglasses. I can't wait to see what's next... with my eyes shielded (and well-accessorized) by a pair of these sunglasses, of course.

Images: QUAY Australia/Instagram (1); Courtesy Too Faced (1)