Tune In To Laci Green's Snapchat Show About Sex

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

Looking for a little sex advice with your snaps? On Saturday, MTV launched its first Snapchat series, called Pants Off. Hosted by sex educator and vlogger Laci Green (who you may already know from the web series Braless), the series will cover a variety of topics related to sex and relationships, all in short, snappable pieces. Pants Off will take over MTV’s Discover channel every Saturday for two months; episodes will stay on the channel for a day before heading over to YouTube. In this past weekend’s first episode, Green focused on sex advice — both the good, and the resoundingly, horrifyingly terrible.

Pants Off features a number of short snippets, including celebrity interviews, graphics, and on-the-street interviews. In this episode, Green interviews Master of None’s Lena Waithe about good and bad sex advice she’s received. On her “worst” list: Rumors advising women to use Sprite — yes, SPRITE — as a douche. (I’ve now watched the clip three times, and I still can’t wrap my mind around the idea of spraying soda into one’s vagina to “make sure everything’d be good.” Every time I try to imagine it, my brain stutters to a stop. Has anyone ever actually tried this?). Waithe’s “good sex advice” comes from Dawson’s Creek, naturally, which proves that she is inherently awesome (just in case you didn’t know that about her already).

Green and Co. share other important sex tips, including that it’s important to talk about sex openly, that you should take your time with things, and that you shouldn’t worry about labels like “virgin.” Also, beware of pulled muscles!

And be careful with sex toys!

Some of the best advice you can receive about sex is simply that it is a normal aspect of human life, and not something that you should feel weird or shameful about. “Sexuality is a part of life,” Green explains. “And sexual pleasure is integral to health and happiness for the vast majority of people. The more openly we can talk about it, the more we can embrace out sexual selves, and the healthier our whole world will be.” Preach, lady!

Images: YouTube (3)