These Chrome Extensions Can Help You Save

by Megan Grant

Like many other daily responsibilities and happenings, shopping has largely moved into the online realm. You can buy everything from technology to groceries while you're sitting at home in your underwear. Aside from the convenience, price is also a plus; not only are online deals often better, but there are a number of Google Chrome extensions that help you save even more money on your purchases. They take seconds to install and minutes to become familiar with, but they can make a huge difference in your monthly expenses when you combine all of their powers into one giant, money-saving behemoth.

I used to be a wannabe coupon clipper, and honestly, I stunk at it. Cutting out coupons for hours on end only to be left with $0.45 off that thing you're never going to buy is absolutely no help at all. Once I discovered the beauty of online couponing, though, plus the total awesomeness of cash-back rewards that credit cards and sites like Ebates offer, I started finding a heck of a lot of extra cash in my pocket every month.

Here are seven excellent Chrome extensions to check out in order to help you save a few bucks here and there. You'd be surprised how much it can add up to over time.

1. Honey

I check this extension religiously when I'm shopping online. It's not a huge help for Amazon shopping, but if you're visiting just about any other store online, you can click the Honey icon in the top right corner of your screen and it'll tell you about any available deals for that site. For example, I ran Honey on Best Buy's page and it told me about a 20 percent off deal, a Buy-1-Get-1-Free deal, and a few others.

2. InvisibleHand

It's more like the invisible hand of a magician. This extension lets you know when you can purchase an item for cheaper on another site. You can also use the search bar to manually check the lowest prices of items. I typed in "Covergirl" to see who was selling this brand's items for the cheapest.

3. PriceZombie

PriceZombie not only lets you track the price history of a product to see if you're buying it when it's selling for high or low, but it also lets you set price trackers, so that you'll be notified when the cost of an item drops. I checked out a hair straightener on Amazon and it looks like right now, the price is sort of in between its highs and lows.

4. Coupons At Checkout

For the super duper busy online shopper, Coupons at Checkout is a lifesaver. It displays coupons automatically, including the deal, the code, and when they were added. Saving money is quick and easy.

5. Wallaby

Between my boyfriend and I, we have approximately 487 credit cards for both personal and business use. (Note: That is an exaggeration.) Every type of purchase necessitates the use of a specific card due to the rewards we can collect. We've been keeping track of this manually, but Wallaby automates the process, telling you which card to buy with so that you can maximize your rewards and cash-back deals.

6. CouponCabin Sidekick

This extension will send you real-time alerts notifying you of coupons and cash-back opportunities, whether you're just visiting a store online or searching a specific product. I did a general search for Target coupons and came back with a whole mess of good deals.


The Chrome extension is simple, fast, easy, and straightforward. It finds you all the best deals for wherever you're shopping. I was looking for microwaves at Sears, and notified me of 49 coupons for this one store!

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Images: LIiz Minch, Megan Grant/Bustle (5)