17 Things All '90s Kids Stored In Their Caboodles

by Megan Grant

I don't know about you, but my Caboodle is resting quietly on my bathroom counter as we speak, carrying some of my favorite make-up. It's pink, and it has sparkles, and it's fabulous. In fact, some of the things we '90s kids stored in our Caboodles are still sitting in mine today, and I have no shame about it. My '90s make-up and accessories match perfectly with my jelly shoes and tattoo chokers, thank you very much. I don't think any of us totally grew out of the '90s, particularly since not all of the decade's trends left for good. Pencil-thin eyebrows may have waved bye-bye a little while ago, but nude lipstick is most certainly not a recent invention — we have the '90s to thank for that one.

Playing dress-up was so much fun as a kid. We wanted the chance to feel like grown-ups and do what they do. We'd smear red lipstick across our face and pile on entirely too much bright pink blush. These days, our Caboodles are still around, but instead of our Tinkerbell cosmetics, we've stashed away different shades of matte lipstick, our contouring and highlighting colors, and a huge variety of special blending brushes sponges.

But just for this moment, let's go back to the good old days, when all a gal needed in her Caboodle were these 14 things.

1. Body Glitter

You bought it with the intentions of delicately decorating your eyelids. Two hours later, you somehow had glitter in your shoes.

2. Your Impressive Collection of Lip Smackers

Every time they came out with a new and delicious flavor, you had to have it. That led to somewhere around 4,521 sticks of partially used chapstick that are likely still sitting in your bathroom drawer today. Just wipe 'em off — they never go bad.

3. Really, Just Bonne Bell Everything

Not just Lip Smackers — I'm talking Flipsticks lipstick, Bottled Emotion scents, the works. You felt so grownup with your caboodle full of relatively cheap drugstore make-up. In fact, you may or may not still be carrying Bonne Bell on you today. (I don't judge.)

4. A Dirty Scrunchie Or Two

Scrunchies don't belong in Caboodles, but you were a rebel and shoved them in there anyway. By the time you realized where you had put them, they were covered in glittery eyeshadow from Limited Too.

5. Brown Lipstick

This one has actually made a nice little comeback, largely thanks to the Kylie Jenner lip saga.

6. Bright Blue Eyeshadow

Don't listen to what anyone says. You look utterly sensational in your blue eyeshadow and brown lipstick.

7. An Array Of Butterfly Clips

Buffy wore them, so you had to have them.

8. Frosted Lipstick

Possibly one '90s trend we're glad died off...

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9. Hair Flowers

They made everyday feel like springtime.

10. Body Jewels

When you were feeling a little extra feisty, you'd spell out your name or maybe outline a butterfly. So hip!

11. Lip Liner Darker Than Any Of The Lipstick You Owned

Because red lip liner looked so fab with nude lipstick — right, Pam?

12. An Assortment Of Stick-On Earrings

(Until you bravely walked into Claire's and got your ears pierced like a pro.)

13. Hard Candy Nail Polish

I mean, it came with a ring. Nail polish and jewelry?! Yes please!

14. Bath And Body Works Body Spray

Cucumber Melon FTW!

15. Loose Change

For the vending machine at school.

16. A Yikes! Pencil And/Or Eraser

Now how did that get in there?

17. A Picture Of Your Crush

Who cares if it was torn out of a magazine? JTT 4-eva.

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