Shep Rose Knows A Lot Of Famous People

Leave it to Shep Rose to know all kinds of famous people. Now, if the Bravolebrity actually knows them on a personal level or if he's just one of those fans who can't help but ask to take a picture with a celeb remains uncertain. However, it's clear that Southern Charm star Shep Rose loves posing with famous people. If you follow him on Instagram, then you know a good portion of his social media account is filled with well-known faces. There are some top celebrities taking photos with Shep, because, well, it's Shep. I mean, he's hard to ignore and can clearly charm just about anyone into taking a photo.

Seeing as he does star on a highly popular reality series, it does make sense that Shep would come in contact with famous people here and there. Maybe he met them at a Bravo event? Maybe he met them at some other press event? Maybe he just knows all the right people to introduce him to one of the star's of Fuller House? However he makes it happen, I think he needs to add it to his resume right alongside his experience as Cameran Eubanks' real estate apprentice.

With that, check out how skilled Shep is at posting with celebs.

Torrey DeVitto

Obviously, this means Shep is a huge One Tree Hill fan.

Will Forte

I guess Shep is kind of a comedian on Southern Charm, so maybe Forte gave him some comedy pointers?

David Arquette

Arquette is really loving life in this photo, isn't he?

Martin Short

Seeing as Short is Shep's idol, I can only wonder if the comedian gave Shep tips on how to become a more responsible adult.

Scott Eastwood

Either Eastwood wasn't ready for the photo, or he's thinking, "Who is this guy I'm taking a picture with?"

Danny Huston

Unlike Eastwood, Huston is totally feeling this photo.

Colin Jost

Actually, this isn't the only photo of Shep's Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost appears in. If you look above, he's also in the photo with Forte. Plus, here's another one.

Stacy London

As Shep mentions in the caption, I have a feeling the former What Not to Wear co-host has definitely given him tips on how to improve his attire.

John Stamos

Have Mercy. Seriously, how the heck did Shep manage this photo?

I can only imagine which celeb he'll end up posing with next. Based on the above, it's clear it could be just about anyone.