What Your Most Used '90s Phrase Says About You

by Kat George

One of the things that was very cool in the '90s was catch phrases. We have slang and words we use in excess now, but in the '90s these things were very definable as actual catch phrases. So much so that all our favorite characters on TV had their own. As you're reading this, you are probably calling to mind some of your most used catch phrases of the '90s. So, how you doin'? It sounds twee now to think that every pop culture reference came with it's own clearly defined phrase, but we never questioned it in the '90s.

Your most used '90s catch phrase probably says a lot about you. It can tell you what kind of attitude you took from pop culture and applied to your own life, or at least the way you wanted to approach life. It can tell you if you were chilled and laid back, or more of a diva. Or it can simply tell you what kind of movies you liked in the '90s. Whether you were talking like Cher from Clueless or just picking up the school yard lingo ("lingo" is a pretty '90s word too, isn't it?), here's what your most said '90s catch phrase says about you.

1. "As If!"

You probably had a motormouth, and loved gossip (nothing wrong with some innocent chat!). The mall was your favorite hangout, and while this might sound vapid, you're actually really self-possessed, demanding (in a good way), and know what you expect from other people and how they treat you.

2. "Whatever"

You're a true child of the '90s, and you still probably throw "whatever" around a lot. You're sarcastic, and skeptical, and sometimes you would just prefer silence over excessive chatter.

3. "Cut. It. Out!"

If you thought uncle Joey's catch phrase was so genius you'd say it all the time, plus doing the matching hand signs, you were a huge dork. You're probably super into comedy, and a real joker if you can get around those dad jokes and spit some gold.

4. "How You Doin'?"

Joey was your favorite friend, of course, and you tried to emulate his play boy ways with the sleazy, but funny and cute line. You like pizza, just hanging out, and are happy with your comfortable routines.

5. "That's Hella [Insert Any Adjective Here]"

Tragic Kingdom is your favorite album, ever. In the '90s you wore a lot of army fatigues, Doc Martens, and hung out at skateparks. Life was hella good.

6. "What's the 4-1-1?"

You probably refer to young people things as "trendy" now, don't you? You definitely put in a lot of effort to finding out what's new or hot, but generally are always a step behind the curve. Which is totally OK.

7. "You Go, Girl!"

You celebrate Galentine's Day and believe in female friendship above all else. You probably got in at least one slap fight in the '90s defending your friend's honor at some point, although you don't condone violence. You'd drop everything for your friends and are proud of them when they're kicking ass (figuratively).

8. "Talk To The Hand"

You've got some attitude. You were also an early adopter of reality TV. Now, you follow all the Kardashians on Instagram. You're confrontational, and don't mind speaking your mind, especially when someone is being rude to you.

9. "No Soup For You!"

You love your deep references, and can quote cult TV and movies by heart. These days you love independent cinema and old movies. You're also thrilled by the absurdity of life, and find the ridiculousness mundane, every day things very inspiring and absurd.

10. "Eat My Shorts"

You were definitely a kid in the '90s. And you definitely thought this was the naughtiest thing you could say. You were into mischief then and probably still are now. You've got a cheeky streak that's more charming than annoying, and you're never wanting for friends.

11. "Alrighty Then"

You can be really intense, and don't really know when to stop. People love you because you're lovable, and you're always up for anything, but sometimes your relentless energy can be tiring. You definitely don't know how to take a load off, but it works for you. You've also got a really dark streak that comes out in your sense of humor.

12. "How Rude!"

You have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and you're a little bit of a control freak. You have plans, and when things don't go your way you're not shy about vocalizing it. You expect everyone to treat you the way you treat them, and demand a high level of integrity and respect from those around you.

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