These 'Game Of Thrones' Reunions Need To Happen

If you're anything like me, then odds are you still haven't fully recovered from the emotional Game of Thrones reunion between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark that took place during last Sunday's episode "Book of the Stranger." I mean, that was a powerful moment right there, not to mention a happy one. (To be completely honest, I didn't know these characters even remembered how to smile.) But like with any good thing that happens, I now want more of them. I need there to be more epic Game of Thrones reunions to happen in the near future in order for my heart to maintain this happy glow.

Will it happen? Probably not. These GoT writers threw us a bone, but that doesn't mean they're going to make a habit of it. If anything we should expect an extra dose of tragedy in the upcoming episodes to compensate for all the merriment. Much like Newton's third law of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so odds are these smiles won't last for long. But that's not going to stop me from praying to the gods (both the old and the new) that this won't be the last Game of Thrones reunion we'll get to witness this season. Because there are still a ton of pairing I would love to see get back together. Such as...

Arya & Nymeria

We haven't seen Arya's direwolf since she made her great escape from Joffrey's wrath way back in Season 1. Presumably, she's still somewhere out in the Riverlands, but how great would it be if she were to suddenly encounter the youngest Stark child after all this time? I'm getting emotional just thinking about it.

Tyrion & Podrick

Don't get me wrong, I love the rapport Podrick shares with Brienne of Tarth as well, but I'd love to be able to see this squire reunite with his former employer. Their dynamic was always such a highlight in every episode and given how dark things are bound to get from here on out, I'd say we could use as many light-hearted moments as we can get.

Sansa & Ramsay

Now hear me out on this one, because it's not what it seems. I only want these two to meet again so that Sansa can be the one to bring this Bastard down once and for all. I don't want Jon Snow to get revenge on Sansa's behalf. I want her to take it for herself and give him the retribution we all know he deserves.

Brienne & Jaime

I think we can all agree that Brienne is a way better influence for Jaime than Cersei ever could be. Some of my favorite GoT moments come from when these two BFFs were together. Just watching Brienne verbally put him in his place is well worth the story arc.

Jon & Arya

I mean, who wouldn't want to see this hug reenacted at some point? Arya has been apart from her family for so long. The only time she came close to reuniting with any of them was during The Red Wedding, which still seems so heartbreakingly cruel. Jon was the one who encouraged her sword fighting and even gave her Needle in the first place. So if this moment ever comes get ready to feel ALL THE FEELS.

The Hound & The Mountain

I realize The Hound is still thought to be dead, but if Season 6 has proven anything so far it's that death can be temporary. And seeing these two square off in one final showdown feels imminent at this point... not to mention downright gory.

So come on, GoT writers. Let's make this happen!

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy (6)