Kylie Jenner Has A Different Take On Chokers

by Augusta Statz

Leave it to this lady to not only hop on a trend, but to take it over. She’s changing up the choker-wearing game as we know it. Shop Kylie Jenner’s thick choker necklace for yourself to get an entirely new take on the trend.

I feel like most of the choker necklaces that have been spotted are super thin and delicate, but now I’m seeing this accessory in a whole new light. Jenner’s black leather-looking choker necklace is so thick that it covers her entire neck. It has a really edgy feel to it, and honestly it feels way more modern than the thin necklaces seen so much of the time now and originally in the ‘90s.

So, if you’re looking for a way to upgrade the way you wore these necklaces back in the 1990s, give this thicker version a try. You can find necklaces similar to Jenner’s in a variety of colors and textures so if you’re not wanting something that’s not black and leather, there are plenty of options out there for you still. If you still can't bring yourself to get too far away from the decade that inspired these necklaces, there are even some velvet options for you to choose from. Because you can never fully escape the ‘90s if you’re wearing a choker anyways, right?

She knows just how to put her own spin on even the trendiest of looks. Take a style cue from Jenner and get to shopping thick choker necklaces, why don't you?

1. Just Like Kylie's

Wide Jersey Choker Necklace, $10, ASOS

Full-neck coverage is just the kind of look Jenner was going for.

2. '90s Style Velvet

Wide Velvet Choker Necklace, $10, ASOS

A velvet choker has all of the throwback feels.

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3. Statement Choker

Tucker Statement Necklace, $58, Nasty Gal

If you're going to wear a choker, might as well make a statement with it!

4. Dangling Details

'Round The Way Girl Choker, $25, Nasty Gal

Add to what Jenner started by adding even more details to your wide choker necklace.

5. Suede Choker

Daisy Jane Suede Choker, $28, Free People

Go with a thick, suede choker for an ultra luxe feeling.

6. Embellished Choker

Odessa Choker, $48, Free People

Silver, diamonds and a little leather? Jenner would definitely approve of this accessory.

Here's your chance to give the choker trend a twist. When it looks this good, it'd be hard to pass up an opportunity like this.

Images: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy Brands (6)