5 Best Straightening Hair Brushes That Actually Work


When you need to quickly straighten your hair, you'd be smart to turn to a hair straightening brush over a flat iron. These can often cut down the time it takes to get the job done (two-in-one hair tools are game-changers), without damaging or breaking your hair by overheating or applying to much pressure. But, not all straightening hair brushes live up to the hype. So, what are the best straightening hair brushes?

For the very best hair straightening brush, find one that heats up fast, features a wide enough heat range that you can customize it to your needs, and has plenty of reviews testifying to how well it works. Since a lot of straightening brushes fit that bill, I've done a little digging. The innovative hair brush straighteners, below, do everything that your favorite brush and straightener would do — leaving you with smooth, frizz-free hair that's shiny and detangled.

If your hair is particularly prone to damage, look for straightening hair brushes made with ceramic or tourmaline materials. Ceramic heats more evenly to prevent hot spots that could damage your hair. Tourmaline, when heated, releases negative ions as it styles your hair, ions that infuse your hair with more moisture and protect your hair from drying out.

From a straightening brush that uses cool steam to flatten your mane to a best-selling straightening brush tool that heats up ASAP (for when you hit snooze a few too many times), you'll want to snag one of these two-in-one hair tools immediately. Trust me, with these must-have hair straightening brushes, you won't miss the old flat iron days.

1. MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightening Brush

MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightening Brush, $44, Amazon

With a double ionic generator, this wildly-popular hair straightening brush is actually healthier for your hair than other models on the market (ionic heat infuses your hair with moisture as it straightens). A ceramic heat surface will ensure that this brush heats your hair evenly, eliminating the chance of any harmful damage or breakage. And, this brush offers a particularly wide heat range, from 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, that allows you to customize the tool to your own hair (curlier strands might need a bit more heat). This best-selling hair tool even comes with a travel bag so you can take it with you anywhere, and a heat-safe glove you can use to protect your hands when you're straightening your hair. Nearly 5,000 Amazon reviewers won't stop raving about this hair straightening brush.

With ceramic plates and ionic heat, this best-selling straightening brush will protect your hair while it works

What fans say: "I was skeptical, but this straightening brush is amazing! I have tight curls/coils and this brush straightened better than my very expensive flat iron. I brushed my hair with a wire brush in sections and then passed the straightener brush through once and it was shiny and straight. "

2. Olivia and Aiden Hair Straightener Brush

Olivia And Aiden Hair Straightener Brush, $20, Amazon

This straightening brush by Olivia and Aiden heats up to 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and offers 16 settings to easily reach the ideal temperature for your hair. An ionic and ceramic heater will make this a good choice for anyone with damaged hair, and it heats up in as little as 60 seconds. The best part: It features an auto shut-off mechanism, which is perfect if you're the type of person who's always worried you left your straightener on. Be warned: Reviewers say this heats up fast and efficiently, so you'll want to handle it with care. It might not be quite as well-reviewed as others on this list but, for the price, you're unlikely to find such a quality hair tool anywhere else.

At an affordable price, this $20 straightening brush heats up fast and has an auto shut-off feature

What fans say: "Unbelievably good. Almost as smooth as using a traditional flat iron. I have very thick hair with a lot of waves and weird curls. A quick brushing does take a lot of the craziness out of my hair. When I take time to slow-brush in small sections I get fantastic results. Very smooth."

3. InStyler MAX 2-Way Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener

InStyler MAX 2-Way Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener, $75, Amazon

It may be a bit pricier, but this ceramic straightener brush is worth the splurge for a few reasons. First, because if it's handy two-way design, you can use this tool as both a hair straightening brush and a curling iron. With four heat settings (285, 315, 385, and 425 degrees Fahrenheit), you can customize this hair tool based on your needs. It also has a quick heat-up setting that will have it ready to use in just 30 seconds, an automatic shut-off feature for safety, and is made with tourmaline and ceramic floating plates for less damage. Simply clamp your hair between the brush and the barrel to use this as a straightening brush, or wrap your hair around the barrel on the other side to use it as a curler. This may not be the traditional straightening brush you've imagined, but hundreds of reviewers love how versatile it is and how well it straightens hair.

This investment hair brush is the most versatile on this list, and can straighten and curl your hair

What fans say: "I have wavy hair and had always trouble with getting it straight. Have tried a straightener, round heat brush, using a drier and a round brush, but i could not get my hair the way i wanted. But after I bought the InStyler Max-2, I can get my hair the way i want it. Its pretty easy to use and i get my hair set pretty quickly."

4. Drybar The Baby Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

Drybar The Baby Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush, $59, Amazon

From the same company who revolutionized the everyday blowout, this hair straightening brush is as high-quality as you'd expect. With ionic technology that seals your cuticle (to prevent dryness and breakage), this hair tool will get the job done without causing the damage you've come to associate with straightening your hair. It also has a digital temperature read that allows you to customize the temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. After 60 minutes, this tool will automatically shut off, giving you piece of mind if you're the type to always leave a straightener on by accident. And the best part? It has a two-year warranty should you run into any issues.

From a cult-favorite brand, this hair straightening brush is a great mid-tier option

What fans say: "Great for bangs especially! Great for straightening hair. Heats up quickly."

5. Lescolton One-Step Hot Air Paddle Hair Straightening Brush

Lescolton One-Step Hot Air Paddle Hair Straightening Brush, $30, Amazon

Unlike others on this list, this highly-rated straightening brush can be used on wet or dry hair. This hair tool pretty much does it all: It can straighten, curl, blow dry, create waves, or amplify volume. The best part is, you can use it on both wet and dry hair, and the ions it emits make hair smoother, shinier, and less frizzy (it'll even help eliminate pesky static). It has three settings (high, low, and cool), is lightweight enough to travel with, and heats up in just 30 seconds.

This hair straightening tool can work on dry or wet hair, and has the basic features you'll need

What fans say: "I really love this brush. I got it on a whim to try something new as I blow-dry my hair. I didn't have high expectations, actually worried my hair would tangle in the cylinder. To my surprise it works great! It stands the heat of the blow-dryer and gets my hair smoother than other brushes."

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