23 Reasons ‘The Craft’ Is The Best Movie Ever

by Emily Lackey

There were a lot of things to love about the ‘90s. Slap bracelets, scrunchies, Saved by the Bell... but the thing that I loved most about that beautiful decade was a little movie by the name of The Craft. And trust me when I saw that the film was worth my love and adoration, because there are a lot of reasons why The Craft is the best movie ever. Besides the fact that I used to (OK, fine, still do) watch it on repeat, and that it was a sleepover staple among all my friends, there were some really interesting things happening in that movie that made it so awesome. Things that, even now, sort of surprise me as an adult. Because this movie that I loved so much actually has some progressive moments working for it.

So besides just making a major dent in the number of spells I have memorized, this movie made a major dent in the way I — and everyone else who watched it repeatedly — grew up. Unlike the poppy, kitschy, campy movies that have been produced in the last few decades for teenagers, this movie really embraced some dark stuff and, by doing that, helped so many viewers wrestle with growing up and the tough things that comes with it.

But there are other reasons to love The Craft as much as I do. Just check out this list of reasons why The Craft is seriously the best movie ever.

1. It Was Like A ‘90s Mean Girls

A new girl comes to town, befriends the outcasts, gets revenge on the mean kids in school. It sounds like a familiar storyline, but this movie did it with magic. Literally.

2. It Taught Us All A Lesson About Inner Beauty

We all have something that makes us different. These girls were cool regardless of their outward appearances, because they were smart and they supported each other.

3. Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

Best. Game. Ever.

4. Two Words: Skeet Ulrich

He made middle school so much more bearable.

5. It Started Your Candle Addiction, Like, Hardcore

Yankee Candle is still your mecca.

6. It Was The One Scary Movie You Could Watch As A Kid

Even though it was rated R, no one’s parents seemed to mind the fact that you and your 12-year-old friends were watching a pretty terrifying movie.

7. That Soundtrack, Though

It epitomized the ‘90s.

8. It Launched So Many Movie Fads

Witches, wizards, vampires, and zombies all have this one little movie to thank for becoming so popular.

9. Those Special Effects

Sure, it’s no Avatar, but the fact that they pulled these stunts off in a ‘90s movie about witches made it a movie so many people could enjoy.

10. Fairuza Balk’s Patent Leather Jacket

It seriously still gives me life.

11. It’s All About Female Empowerment

Don’t think they’re defeating that snake for nothing.

12. It Made Sleepovers So Much More Interesting

Prank calls and board games quickly turned into three hours of casting spells and seeing which boys seemed affected on Monday morning.

13. You Still Can’t Say “Manot” Without Shuddering

The original He Who Shall Not Be Named.

14. It Was A Battle Cry For Every Girl Who’s Ever Been Mistreated

Whether it was by a boy or by a mean girl, these girls enacted some serious revenge. And for those of us who had been ostracized in some way, it was incredible.

15. It Made Us All Feel A Little More Powerful

The fact that any one of us could perform magic was super empowering.

16. It Was The Start Of Christine Taylor’s Bald Schtick

One she would repeat in that infamous episode of Friends .

17. It’s Like A Who’s Who Of ‘90s Stars

Never before have more pop culture stars been in one movie at once. At least not until Can’t Hardly Wait came out a few years later.

18. Each Of The Four Characters Were So Well Developed

Whether it was experiencing disfiguring scars or racial stereotypes, each of these women were complex and three-dimensional.

19. It Gave Voice To All Of That Teenage Angst You Were Feeling


20. It Was Sorta Environmentally Conscious

Earth, air, fire, water, baby.

21. It Taught You French

All of those scenes in French class were good for more than just entertainment.

22. Their Killer ‘90s Outfits

So many scoop necks and short skirts, I just want to live in it forever.

23. It Was An Encouraging Portrait Of Female Friendship

Well, until the end. Still! Four teenage girls supporting and loving each other in spite of their flaws? You don’t see that too often.

See what I mean? Who else is up for a re-watch right now?

Image: Columbia Pictures; Giphy (23)