This Couple Got Married In Front Of 1,000 Cats

by Eliza Castile

Cat lovers, we have finally found our royal couple. In a demonstration of true commitment to feline appreciation, a Montreal couple married in front of hundreds of cats just outside of Parlier City, Calif. earlier this week. Who needs friends and family to judge your wedding ceremony when you have a horde of aloof, disdainful balls of fluff that can do it just as well?

According to local news station KFSN, Louise Veronneau fell in love in 2012... with Cat House on the Kings, a California-based cat sanctuary that's been in operation for more than two decades. After getting engaged to her fellow cat enthusiast and partner of three years, Dominic Husson, she decided that her wedding ceremony was the perfect excuse to return to the shelter. Husson told KFSN that he didn't take much (if any) convincing.

"We are both animal lovers and it was easy," he told the station.

The wedding was officiated by Cat House's founder, Lynea Lattanzio, who became ordained just for the occasion. As it turns out, cats make surprisingly polite wedding guests; a sanctuary employee told Love Meow that the cats either stopped to watch or rubbed up against people's legs for attention. A white cat even followed Veronneau during her walk from the House to the bench where the couple was married.

" Many people have music for their wedding," employee Harvie Schrieber said, according to Love Meow. "In this case, it was the peaceful sound of wind in the trees, the sound of water flowing down the Kings River, and the wonderful 'music' of kitty purrs!"

According to BuzzFeed, the ceremony consisted of the couple, Lattanzio, a handful of staff to document the occasion, and around 1,000 cats. In lieu of gifts, the couple asked people to donate to the shelter.

"I feel in love," Veronneau told KFSN. "I feel in love with the work Lynea and her team is doing for the cats and the rescuing."

This was the first time a wedding had been held at the shelter, although hopefully it won't be the last. (Yes, this is my way of volunteering.) #WeddingGoals. #CatLadyGoals. Basically, #goalsgoalsgoals.

Images: Jonas Vincent/Unsplash