When Will Yeezy Season 2 Go On Sale?

Think back to February. Remember how much media mania surrounded Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 NYFW showing, in terms of hype and its ultimately minimalist, monochromatic looks? Well, Yeezy Season 3 isn't on sale yet and neither is its predecessor. Yeezy Season 2 is not available to buy yet, even though it debuted last fall. There is a reason you can't shop Yeezy Season 2 yet and why it's not coming in the summer of 2016, so just be patient.

And if you cannot handle having to hurry up and wait regarding West-designed pieces, then keep your fingers crossed that the pervasive rumor of a June 6 restock of the Yeezy Boost sneakers is happening. West's wife Kim Kardashian just teased a possible replenishment of Yeezy Boost 750s, so I had Yeezy fashions on the brain. That's how I unearthed this nugget of information about Yeezy Season 2.

According to Hypebeast, an email reportedly from Yeezy president Pete Fox was sent out informing stockists that Yeezy Season 2 "will not be produced in its entirety or launched following a traditional fashion calendar."

So it's likely not coming in the spring, which is now, or the summer, which is soon, as expected. Instead, YS2 is reportedly rolling out as capsules throughout the year, rather than all at once.

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Oh, hey, here's a flashback to Kylie Jenner during Yeezy Season 1.

The email re: Season 2 suggests that the brand is experiencing this delay since it wants to offer max quality for a good price. It also says that Season 3 should not be affected.

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Here's another throwback, this time to Yeezy Season 3.

The Yeezys For All site posted the email about Yeezy Season 2 delays reportedly written by Fox in full, reprinted below.

"Dear Season 2 Partners,

In an effort to deliver at the highest quality and at the best price points for our retail partners and consumers, the ready to wear YEEZY SEASON 2 apparel collection will not be produced in its entirety or launch following a traditional fashion calendar. Instead, select capsules from the collection will be rolled out sometime this year as part of a new season-less model moving forward. This announcement does not affect our plans for SEASON 3.

As a first of several launch announcements planned for this year, the highly anticipated YEEZY footwear collection from Kanye West's own signature line will be released.

So, what does this mean? Whether or not what is mention is true (did they really not look further into costings before actually doing the show... Sounds like a little bit of BS!), it has been officially announced that only PARTS of the YEEZY SEASON 2 clothing & boot range will be available once launched, so you can chill!

This will not only affect sellers in the UK, but all over the EU, USA and worldwide - Not to worry though guys (and girls!!). We will be keeping you up-to date with ALL news regarding the Easy Season 2 clothing launch & will be providing you all links to buy when available.

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Bustle reached out to Kanye West's reps and Adidas reps for more information about when Yeezy Season 2 might go on sale.