This May Be The Most Instagrammable Coffee Ever

All right, coffee lovers, we've been granted with a great gift from the coffee gods today: You can buy coffee in an ice cream cone. I mean it. This is not just an Instagram-only sensation (although it certainly has taken off on the photo-sharing platform) or something I've dreamed up in a caffeine-withdrawal stupor. You can actually purchase your coffee in a cone — the kind typically reserved for ice cream — that has been lined with chocolate, drink your coffee, and then eat your dessert. The nature of the edible drink receptacle means you only have about 10 minutes to drink your coffee before disaster strikes; once you've downed your caffeinated treat, though, you then have a delightful wafer-y, chocolate-y, second treat to complement the coffee lingering on your taste buds. What a time to be alive, am I right?

The one catch (at least if you're me) is that this coffee in a cone is only available in South Africa. Barista Dayne Levinrad concocted the glorious creation himself after working as a coffee consultant in Brazil, Los Angeles, and Australia. Levinrad, who tells CNN he used to be a marketing executive, clearly knew what was up when he combined people's favorite Instagram treat — coffee, chocolate, and dessert — all into one aesthetically pleasing package.

So, how does this creation come together? Before you start pouring hot coffee into ice cream cones at home (seriously: please don't), know that the magic behind this wonder is actually pretty involved. As Levinrad explains to CNN, the wafers were originally "too thin" to contain the liquid, which prompted inventors to get a waffle machine and start "rolling our own wafer cones, using different flours." In the end, it was the chocolate that saved the day (and really, when isn't that the case?). Inventors used a combination of four different kind of chocolate to coat the cone, with the rationale being that each hardened based on their various levels of cacao content. Honestly, it doesn't sound too dissimilar from those edible coffee cups that made the rounds in 2015, except that they're cone-shaped instead of cup-shaped.

So where does this leave us? If I lived anywhere near Johannesburg, I'd already be in line to pick up one of these delights. However, since I'm on a different continent, I'm left to have some serious coffee envy. Luckily, with over 1 million images tagged with the viral #coffeeinacone hashtag, I have plenty of pictures to feast my eyes on.