Where To Buy Olivia Culpo's Silver Choker

by Alexa Dragoumis

There's no doubt former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is becoming a fashion icon, and her ability to strike the perfect balance between classy and trendy is flawless. Case in point: On Friday, Culpo posted an Instagram photo which proves that she is taking a whole new approach to the classic 90's choker. With over a million followers on social media, you can be sure that anything she wears is destined to sell out, so if you're wondering where to buy Olivia Culpo's silver choker, I'm here to help.

The brunette fashionista sported a plain black long-sleeve sweater with a white, embroidered mini skirt and a statement-making silver choker. And while I totally adore Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner's classic, plain black chokers, Culpo's choice can be taken from work to date night in an instant. Plus, it's so incredibly memorable that as soon as you see it, you'll want one, too!

I can't stop obsessing over, so here are a couple of photos straight from the model's Instagram account. (Also, if you look closely, you'll notice Culpo kept the rest of her outfit and makeup — even her nails — simple so the necklace could really make a statement.)

So fabulous.

Ready to get shopping yet? Good! Here are a handful of silver chokers that will make you look as gorgeous as Culpo does:

Simple Metallic Choker

Misguided Metal Choker,, $13.60

If you like to keep things simple and chic, give this metallic option a try.

Silver Spike Choker

Silver Spike Choker,, $28.00

I love the addition of the spikes, which makes this necklace totally edgy.

Silver Link Choker

Haiti Chai Teras Choker,, $118.00

If you're looking for a closer match to Culpo's necklace, this one is your best bet!

Beaded Choker

Child of Wild Kholkal Choker,, $38.00

If you're a fashionista who's not afraid to make a serious statement, this choker has your name written all over it.

Crystal Choker

Bright Ideas Choker,, $38.00

This classic crystal option is perfect for the outfit that needs to be taken from day to night in a pinch.

The next time you think the choker is not fancy enough, remember to ask yourself: What Would Olivia Culpo Do?

Images: Courtesy of Brands