Where To Buy Hard Candy's Nail Polish & Ring Combo

It’s official. We're living in the ‘90s all over again. At least this time around, we’re keeping only the best parts of the decade, the brown lips, the chokers and now — the nail polish. Find out where to buy Hard Candy’s polishes with gel rings to fully relive the ‘90s in the best ways possible — with a choker around your neck, a slip dress on and a matching ring and mani, duh!

Hard Candy cosmetics is bringing back its beloved polishes from the ‘90s for a limited time. Cue the squeals. You know you remember painting your nails with these lacquers while watching Boy Meets World. And that’s when you were living your best life, wasn’t it? Well, get ready to have a small piece of that back again.

Starting June 1, you’ll be able to shop the shades Scam, Girlie, Sky, Mint, Claws Up, Coconut, Black Out, Oh So Pretty and Red Hot at Walmart, according to PopSugar. These babies will only cost you $4 a pop, so you might as well rack up on every shade. They’ll likely only be around for a limited time, and you’re definitely not going to want to miss out. The last time they were restocked was in April 2015, and there’s no word on when or if they’ll be coming back again. Go on and make your ‘90s dreams come true starting June 1. I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days!

I seriously can. not. wait. for this.

This "Sky" shade is just one of the amazing shades you'll be able to shop soon.

A little "Mint" on my nails just in time for summer? Don't mind if I do!

I'm going to have one adorable mani with this "Oh So Pretty" shade on my nails come June 1.

Get ready to have all of that '90s glory in the form of a mani/pedi.

May the 1990s live on forever (as long as I can have this polish, please).

Images: Courtesy Hard Candy (4); Giphy (1)