Pick These 'Dangerous Woman' Jams At Karaoke Night

by Kristie Rohwedder

Please raise your donuts, for I would like to make a toast to Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, the latest effort from the diminutive pop powerhouse. Her third studio album is yet another strong addition to the former Nickelodeon star’s excellent discography; The sleek, pulsating record boasts one catchy Max Martin-produced hook after another and, of course, shows off the indisputable force of nature that is Grande's voice. It's only a matter of time before I'm singing along with these jams while I’m stuck in traffic, while I fold laundry, while I clean out the receipt receptacle that is my purse, and so on (and by “singing along,” I mean “croaking along.” When I tell you that my voice is steamin’ pile of garbage, I am not being modest). And hey, there might just come a day when I am brave enough to attempt one of the Dangerous Woman songs at karaoke night.

…Ehhhh, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that day. (As much as I dig going to a karaoke bar with buddies, I usually wuss out of singing altogether. But enough about me!) Now, just because I'm a karaoke chicken doesn’t mean you are, dear reader. Perhaps when handed a karaoke songbook and song request slip, you are not easily intimidated. Perhaps you prefer to err on the side of daring. If that is the case, first of all, I envy and respect you. And secondly, next time you find yourself belting along with an instrumental rendition of a song in a packed bar, may I be so bold to suggest a Dangerous Woman track? If and when your local ‘aoke haunt adds the brand new Ari G. tunes to its catalog, I say go for any of the following:

"Leave Me Lonely"

Not ready to try an Ari song all by yourself? Sing this stunning Ariana Grande and Macy Gray mid-tempo ballad with a pal.

"Into You"

Or perhaps this dynamic pop banger is more your speed?


*Fans self.*

"Be Alright"

Want to give your fellow bar patrons something to snap/clap/stomp along with? Look no further than "Be Alright."

"Touch It"

You'll want to knock back a few cups of hot tea, eat a spoonful of manuka honey, and warm up those vocal cords before this one. The final 90 seconds of "Touch It" are no joke.

"Dangerous Woman"

When performing the album's title track, it's best to channel bacon on a frying pan (i.e., sizzle).

Happy sizzling, er, singing. May your next karaoke night be as lovely as Ari's ponytail.