Jesse Has Dangerous Abilities On 'Preacher'

Well, that was one of the most insane (in the best way) pilots I have ever watched. The world is thrilling, and Sunday's episode had one heck of a cliffhanger ending. What happened to Jesse on Preacher ? Does he have powers? What's on the loose in Annville? Is that supposed to be a pun on anvil? I have so, so many questions.

We learned right off the bat that preachers are getting hit by a force of energy, and then exploding, all over the world. The affected preachers think that they are prophets... but prophets tend not to explode, don't you think? Not only that, but a pair of spooky men with sunglasses are hunting down whatever hunting down the preachers. I have a hunch that they will find Jesse's situation very interesting.

Towards the end of the episode, our hero Jesse Custer asks God for a sign and then gets hit by a similar blast of energy. However, instead of exploding, he wakes up days later with a sense of clarity and what appears to be super-powered suggestion or mind control. It's an incredibly dangerous power. He tells a pestering member of his congregation to open his heart to his intrusive mother, which he does — literally, and fatally with a knife. That's no good!

Jesse also has some kind of a dark, criminal background. I'm sure his initials are significant of something, though I don't know what. Maybe he's the true prophet. Maybe it's a fluke. Maybe his crisis of faith is what kept him from exploding. That still doesn't explain the fact that there are vampires in this universe — I didn't even get to the vampires. These are the makings of a grand adventure. Hopefully Jesse figures out how to control his powers before anyone else gets hurt!

Images: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Telev