This Is Jaclyn Hill's Name On Snapchat

by Augusta Statz

If you weren’t already paying attention to Jaclyn Hill after the release of the Champagne Collection with BECCA, you should definitely put this beauty guru on your radar. In the name of cyber stalking, let's find out what Jaclyn Hill’s name on Snapchat is. You’re going to want to make this social media platform one of the first places you go to for all Hill-related beauty news, ASAP!

You can follow her at Jaclynrhill, and when you do, you’ll see you’ve discovered a whole new world in terms of makeup. You’ll be among the first to know about upcoming product launches, as well as get sneak peeks of packaging and swatches. Her latest Champagne Collection collaboration with BECCA Cosmetics serves as the perfect example. She would slightly tease the products via Instagram and Twitter, but then give way more details about them over on Snapchat. So, if you’re dying to know all about what she’s going to be releasing next, this is the place to go!

She’s already shown a quick glimpse of a peachy-colored lipstick that’ll launch in 2017, so there are soon going to be even more products for her to tease. I know, I know. She’s hard to keep up with, this one. Because while everyone’s still totally swooning over her latest highlighters and eye shadows, she’s already on to the next big project.

If sneak peeks of Champagne Pop and other products are what you live for, you know what you have to do!

Here are even more reasons to check out this makeup maven's snaps:

1. Swatches

Seeing swatches will increase your enthusiasm about her products, as if you needed another reason to get excited about anything she puts her name on.

2. So Much Glow

I mean, I could stare at this all day, couldn't you?

3. Behind The Scenes Access

Even if you couldn't be at the BECCA X Jaclyn Hill launch party, you could feel like you were apart of the action a little bit more, thanks to Snapchat.

4. Jaclyn Hill, IRL

It's always nice to get a glimpse of what your favorite YouTube personalities are like, you know, when the camera's not rolling. And Hill is absolutely hilarious!

5. Surprises

Details about launch dates, products and all sorts of surprises are in store for you if you follow her on Snapchat.

6. Makeup Looks

Because do you ever get tired of looking at that face? Didn't think so.

7. The Rants

Hill's not afraid to express her opinions, and you gotta love her for that.

What are you waiting for? Go check her out on Snapchat! You're probably missing something important as we speak!