Katy Perry Gets Cannes-did With Orlando Bloom

by Allie Gemmill

In the words of Ferris Bueller, life moves pretty fast. In the case of one of the most interesting celeb couples, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, truer words have never been spoken. Since they sparked rumors of couple-dom earlier in 2016, the pair have kept us all speculating wildly with separate sightings on the same red carpet and reported mysterious hijinks off it. Recently, things got pretty touch-and-go between the pair when Orlando Bloom was spotted with pal Selena Gomez. Naturally, the press went wild with speculations the Bloom was stepping out of Perry, but Gomez and Perry set the record straight with some pretty funny, tea-sipping tweets. To be perfectly honest, this is a match made in heaven and anyone who says otherwise is just being ridiculous. Why would anyone want to break up their love fest?

Well, it looks like nobody will be breaking them up any time soon, because the duo have posted their first official Instagram together via Perry's account. It certainly looks like they've been having fun in Cannes! Sporting matching robes, Perry and Bloom are splayed out on the steps of the Hotel dû Cap as the sun comes up. They're probably still recovering from that awkward amfAR gala where they still tried to avoid being seen together. C'mon guys, there's no need to be coy, guys. We know you're together!

This Instagram goes to show the couple has finally thrown caution to the wind and are ready to show off. Of course, Perry's caption for the photo is everything ("we cannes't" but I think you can!). What's even cuter is that they are continuing their trend of matching accessories —a trend I hope continues—with those fluffy robes. First the Tamagotchis, then the robes and what's next? My vote is for matching head gear from the "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)" but I'm cool with whatever they choose.

Fingers crossed that they enjoy the rest of their time in Cannes. I hope Perry graces us with some more Instagram magic of her and Bloom romping around the south of France with nary a care in sight.