12 DIY 2016 Graduation Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your Favorite Grad's Big Accomplishment

Regardless of whether or not you’re graduating this year, there is a good chance you know a person or two getting ready to walk the stage. Why not help them celebrate by creating a DIY graduation gift idea? Unlike store-bought presents, handmade versions can be personalized to suit the grad’s unique taste and style. And since every graduate’s educational journey is different, the personalization factor is crucial to think about.

When you make a graduation gift, you can cater every part of it toward the recipient. This means everything from favorite colors to hobbies. It can even pay homage to her special accomplishments. Take it even further and bring in some inside jokes or nicknames for ultimate customization.

Whatever you decide to make, it will definitely beat any conventional graduation present. I mean, how many 2016 teddy bears does someone really need? Does anyone need them at all? Instead of going down that route, think about making one of these thoughtful presents. Each and every one of these ideas are useful and meaningful. It’s an excellent way to remind the recipient that you truly care and wish them the best of luck on future endeavors.

Congratulations, 2016 graduates! You got this.

1. Makeup Organizer

Adulting means staying organized, right? Well, hopefully. Make organization fun and stylish with this homemade makeup organizer by eHow. Extra points for using fabric in the recipient's favorite colors.

2. Personalized Photo Gifts

Are you the sentimental type? Get personal with a set of photo gifts, thanks to this eHow tutorial. This is an especially adorable idea for your roommates, best friends, or significant others.

3. Zippered Pouch

Like I said, a lot of adulting is attempting to stay organized. With this DIY by Fall for DIY, you can help the grad do just that.The best part? After you master one, you can make several versions in different sizes for every trinket imaginable.

4. Mini Pom Pom Pillow

For the grad who loves fun and flirty elements, make this mini pom pom pillow at A Beautiful Mess. It's an adorable accessory for livening up any dorm, apartment, or living room.

5. Graduation Party Servers

Help a celebrant throw a party by making her a set of candy servers. It's useful, cute, and extremely easy to make. You can even spell out her name so she can use it as decor in her new dorm or apartment. Vanessa of Tried and True explains how to make them at Live. Love. Craft.

6. Triangle Shelving

New home decor and furniture is a must-have for any graduate. Instead of grabbing something from the store along with everyone else, take time to make a trendy triangle shelf with some help from Francesca at eHow. And thanks to the simple design, it will be able to fit seamlessly into the recipient's room.

7. Easy Watercolor Pillows

If the celebrant is moving to a new dorm or apartment, consider whipping up a set of artsy watercolor pillows. The awesome thing about this project is that there's no wrong or right way to make them; they'll inevitably look beautiful. Visit We Heart This for the tutorial.

8. Cool Bag

It goes without saying that your favorite grad will be celebrating with beach trips and picnic parties. Help them do it right by gifting a cool-looking cooler tote bag, designed by Fall for DIY. It will make toting around mushy sandwiches and warm water a thing of the past.

9. Leather Blanket Strap

Blankets and sleeping bags are a must for all the summer activities. Get your grad geared up for the season by gifting her a DIY leather blanket strap using just a few materials. This super simple item may be simple, but it can also be a game changer for the outdoorsy type. Visit Brit + Co for the tutorial.

10. Homemade Cookie Butter

When it comes to gift giving, you can never go wrong with a batch of homemade consumables. And if we're talking about sweet treats, A Beautiful Mess has the right idea. DIY cookie butters? Count me in, please.

11. Watercolor Sketchbook

Set the stage for inspiration by gifting a customized watercolor sketchbook. It provides an ideal canvas for the grad to write down plans, goals, and dreams. It doesn't hurt that it looks pretty, too. Check out the tutorial at Brit + Co.

12. Wooden Photo Clip Garland

Help the celebrant surround herself with memories by gifting her a homemade photo clip garland. Not only will this save tons of space, but it doubles as decor, too. Awesome. Find the exclusive DIY at Bustle.

Images: eHow; eHow; Fall for DIY; A Beautiful Mess; Live. Love. Craft; eHow; We Heart This; Fall for DIY; Brit + Co; A Beautiful Mess; Brit + Co; Kirsten Nunez/Bustle