5 LGBTQ Twitter Accounts To Follow For An Awesome Dose Of Diversity

Pride Month is fast approaching, so in preparation for the most LGBTQ-friendly month of the year, let's talk about some of the best LGBTQ Twitter accounts to follow to brush up on your LGBTQ news, queer theory, and general gay wittiness. As a queer woman of color who grew up and went to college in predominantly white communities, I tend not to be surrounded by too many people who share the same identities as mine; as a solution, I usually turn to social media to find like-minded people, ideas that help me expand and explore my identities, and conversations I can count on to be inclusive and intersectional.

One reason Twitter is one of my favorite platforms on which to follow LGBTQ figures is that its users frequently post on a wide and varied array of topics that are important to them and the communities in which they are involved; it's therefore relatively easy to find people who inhabit the same communities as you do, which helps bring people together even if they're not geographically in the same place. And Twitter is also great for another, slightly more obvious reason, too: Succinctness. I can read a short tweet about a topic — say, gay marriage or queer youth homelessness in Seattle — and decide whether or not I want to continue exploring the topic by replying, clicking any links provided, exploring hashtags, or doing research on my own.

So without further ado, let's take a look at five awesome, diverse LGBTQ accounts to follow on Twitter.

1. Sally Kohn

Sally Kohn is a lesbian political commentator on CNN whose Twitter is a mix of political thinkpieces, family photos, and comedic responses to haters. If you like smart, 140 character discussions on Islam, Donald Trump, and bathrooms, she's the woman to follow.

2. Janet Mock

Activist, author, and host Janet Mock is an unstoppable force in real life and on social media. She's the creator of the #GirlsLikeUs hashtag for trans girls and women, tackling important issues facing trans communities today like homelessness, joblessness, and lack of healthcare. Her Twitter is filled with uplifting posts, articles filled with lots of real talk, and upcoming projects.

3. Riese

Riese is the editor-in-chief of Autostraddle, one of the best and most relevant websites for lesbians out there. On her Twitter, she shares lots of her well-researched articles (including many about queer characters in film and television), old family photos, dog wisdom, and other witticisms.

4. Everyone Is Gay

Everyone is Gay is a LGBTQIA advice organization helping children, teens, young adults, and their parents create healthy discussions around being LGBTQIA in the United States today. They sell merchandise, throw parties and events, and make hilarious videos about queerness.

5. DarkMatter

If you're looking for exposure to some of the most brilliant critical thinkers in the LGBTQIA game, follow DarkMatter on Twitter for thoughts about capitalism, heteropatriarchies, cisnormativity, gender performativity, and femininity in the form of tweets, spoken word poetry, and articles. These nonbinary Indian artists are guaranteed to make you question whatever it is you may know about gay rights and homosexuality, in the best way possible.