Sansa Finally Spoke About Ramsay's Crimes On 'GoT'

Now this is the Sansa Stark we've all been waiting to see. After spending countless seasons at the mercy of men, Sansa gave an incredibly powerful speech on Game of Thrones this Sunday and let Littlefinger have it for allowing her to marry her abuser, Ramsay Bolton (aka the worst human being in existence). Petyr Baelish may be able to talk his way out of almost anything, but seeing Sansa force him to face the consequences of his actions really is a first on this show, The moment also introduced us to a side of Sansa that I can't wait to see more of. And if you thought Sansa would easily forgive Littlefinger or let him off the hook for his wrongdoing, you clearly don't know Season 6 Sansa.

In a moment of extreme self awareness and agency, Sansa laid every detail out on the table for the man who sent her to what could have been her doom. She yelled for Littlefinger to guess all the abuses that Ramsay laid upon her (not on her face. Never her face, of course. He needed that face to be recognizable as Ned Stark's daughter, she specified), putting the onus on the man who controlled her life to speak aloud the crimes committed against her.

She also demanded for Littlefinger to confess whether or not he knew the nightmare of a man he forced her to marry. I mean, for someone who is supposed to know everything about everyone, not knowing that Ramsay is a monster is kind of a big aspect to miss. Clearly, she knew he must've known, but she also wasn't about to let him sulk away that easily.

"Ladies aren't supposed to talk about these things," Sansa spat, highlighting the injustice that while they have to endure sexual abuses, it's still considered impolite for women to speak of them. But she wasn't done with Littlefinger yet: She bravely described how she continues to feel after being Ramsay's captive, saying with immeasurable strength in her voice that she can still feel what it felt like inside her body (referring to Ramsay's many sexual abuses).

It's a powerful moment and one Sansa's long overdue for. It is unfortunate that it took such awful experiences for Sansa to become strong (a trope that affects too many female characters), but I'm just glad we've reached the point at which Sansa sticks up for herself with such strength. More of this Sansa, please.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO