Reasons Why Dina Manzo Should Join 'RHOBH'

I'm so annoyed that Dina Manzo is not going to be on Real Housewives of New Jersey next season. I was so happy when she returned for the last season, because there is just something about an original Real Housewife that is so special to me. I totally get why she can't be a cast member on a show called Real Housewives of New Jersey though: She's living in California now. So it really would not make much sense for her to be a cast member... but what if Dina Manzo just transferred over to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ? It's a good idea, right? There are plenty of reasons why this would make sense, and I'm sure Real Housewives fans would love it.

Geography is not a valid reason to drop a Real Housewife from the franchise, especially when there are Real Housewives shows in cities all over the country. Just like a college student transferring schools, Housewives should be able to switch it up. No matter where the interesting ladies move, they should still be able to be a Housewife if they want to, and it would be awesome if Dina Manzo became an RHOBH cast member.

She Could Avoid Family Drama

I can see why it was tough for Dina to be a cast member on RHONJ. I feel like the show might have become a little too personal for her with such a focus on her issues with her sister Caroline Manzo and sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita. It had to be so invasive for her, but then again, it would have been so weird for her to be on the show and not address any of that. So, if she was on a different show, with different ladies, her family wouldn't be the default topic of conversation.

She Would Improve RHOBH

The last season of RHOBH got pretty repetitive with all the Munchausen talk. Adding someone new to the cast would provide a much-needed shake up. That show seriously needs someone new, but I just don't need to get to know a random new face. The fans already know Dina so she would make a great addition.

She Would Bring Her Sense Of Humor

Dina is always cracking me up in her interviews. When is she not saying something quotable? I would love to see Dina and Erika Jayne saying inappropriate things together.

She'd Tell It Like It Is

Dina is very direct. That Jersey fierceness would be great in Beverly Hills. It usually takes forever for the RHOBH ladies to actually confront each other about their issues and Dina could teach them all how to get to the point.

Her Pets Could Play With Lisa Vanderpump's

Dina Manzo and Lisa Vanderpump both love their pets, so I could easily picture them bonding while playing fetch with their dogs in the backyard of a mansion. They could also plan some pet charity events together. We all know that the juicy drama always goes down at big charity events.

She Could Bond With Kyle Richards Over Sister Troubles

If anyone else could understand how difficult it is to argue with your sister on reality TV, it's Kyle Richards. I can totally see these two hanging out and spilling the tea about their sisters while sipping on champagne. It would make for some good TV.

She Could Invite Teresa Giudice To Visit

I have always enjoyed watching Dina and Teresa's friendship on RHONJ. How cute would it be if Teresa and her daughters came out to California to visit Dina? We could get some great quotes from Teresa and Milania. I would die to see how the Beverly Hills ladies would react to that visit.

Andy Cohen, can you hear me? Dina Manzo needs to be a cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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