12 Ways Having A Razr Flip Phone As A Teenager Made You A Better Adult

There was a point in my life when my parent's phone plan let me switch out my phones like outfits. That was mostly possible due to a combination of the SIM cards being compatible with multiple phone systems, and me not having over 15 contacts in my phone. I would switch between different free low-level flip-phones that were mailed to my parent's house from week to week.

In high school I had two phones, but the first was the Motorola Razr flip phone. Here is the thing — the Razr was the reason I grew into all my phones after that. I learned responsibility, texting, and even some photo journalism from that little skinny tech. It was convenient and stylish. It was the first time I was actually on trend for something. Aside from owning a Razr, when it came to trends I was either way late or somehow way ahead at the same time, like with the flannel look I rocked.

And maybe my being too ahead of the curve on trends is prophetic, because it turns out the Motorola Razr flip phone seems to be making a comeback! Lenovo just released a commercial that oozes nostalgia out of every pore! The kids are basically all of us in high school, minus the part where they all looked super composed and didn't have their locker's guts spilling out on the floor. But hey, even as my adult self, if Lenovo is really bringing back the skinny flip-phone, I am on board. Mostly because I firmly believe having a Razr phone as a teenager made you a better adult. And here is why:

1. You Are More Careful With The Things You Cherish Most


Because of flip design you were always aware of how easy the phone was to break. You never left it open on the table or let other people mess with it, the same way you now guard all your ~advanced tech~ with your life.

2. You Are More Patient

It took you a long time to master T9, but dammit all if you didn't win out in the end. Now you approach everything in adulthood with that same patience and determination.

3. You Know How To Get Your Way


Getting your parents to get you one of those phone took a master negotiator. You use that skill now — to ask your parents to pay your next loan installment. Er, I mean, negotiate in the boardroom. Yeah.

4. You Are Among The Hippest People You Know

Anyone who was slick enough to own a Razr phone was an automatic cool kid for life. You're always hip with the next ~thing~ and mastering it before most people even know what it is (take that, Gen Z!).

5. You Know How To Make A Lot Out Of A Little


If your smart phone's internet capabilities died tomorrow, you'd know how to survive. Mostly. Maybe. Let's actually not think about it.

6. You Know The Value Of A Dollar

Unless your phone was free with a new contract, you had to work for the money to look that cool in 2004. Now you make sure to weigh that standard of coolness versus monetary value against all the other tech purchases in your life (sadly, none of them quite as profound as the purchase of that first Razr will ever be).

7. You Almost Never Lose Anything


That phone was so small you could have lost it in your pocket. These days you're hella more responsible about keeping track of your tech, which seems to get smaller by the year.

8. Your Selfie Game Is Stronger Than Anyone's

You managed to take some dope MySpace profile pics with or without a front-facing lens, and you dare anyone to challenge your selfie game in 2016.

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9. You're Really Good At Pretending To Text People At Parties

You did not have unlimited data or apps to look fake preoccupied in a social situation. You had to rely on your acting skills and/or the one reliable BFF who always texted back. And you carry that mastery of your prior awkwardness to the GRAVE.

10. You're The Master Of Life Hacks

Because you were forced to scroll through tons of menu option, you learned all the short cuts like a champ. You were life hacking before life hacks were a thing.

11. You Know How To Type Without Looking


Having a skinny phone made it perfect for hiding under the desk. You still had to type without looking though. You implement that skill in meetings at your office, walking on the street, and pretty much every capacity of your adult life. Who says you can't have two conversations at once?? Not people who mastered their Razr phones as kids.

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