Twitter Reactions To The RAZR Flip Phone’s Rumored Return Show How Much We All Love Our Technological Nostalgia

By now, you’ve probably heard the news: One of the most iconic cell phones of all time is apparently making a return in just a few short weeks — and if the Twitter reactions to the RAZR coming back are anything to go by, people are pumped. I mean, yes, we may all feel like we can’t live without our smartphones these days, but there’s nothing like the resurgence of ancient technology to set off everyone’s nostalgia alarms.

What do we know so far? Not a whole lot, unfortunately. Or, really, much of anything at all. All we have to go on is a video featuring a bunch of hip, modern teens walking around school while chatting not on the slab-like smartphones to which we've grown accustomed, but on RAZR-esque flip phones. At the end of the video is a date: 06.09.16, or June 9, 2016, which is presumably the day either an announcement will arrive, or the actual phone will drop. As Bustle’s Emma Lord notes, it’s probably safe to assume that the new RAZR will be updated to suit the 2016 technological landscape. This likely means the inclusion of a touch screen of some sort, although how much the flip bit of the classic RAZR will play into the design remains the be seen.

Motorola on YouTube

Social media is, of course, all atwitter (see what I did there?) at the news, with pretty much everybody looking back on their phones of yore with fondness. While it’s true that there are a few exceptions, by and large, folks can’t wait to get their hands on a newly revamped RAZR.

Many People Still Fondly Remember Their Old RAZRS:

While Others Are Downright Stoked To See The Phone Make A Return:

And Still More Are Excited For... Uh... Other Reasons:

A Few Are Less Than Impressed:

But This Is Actually A Very Good Point:

And So Is This:

Honestly I Really Want To Know The Story Behind This One:

And A Surprising Number Of Us Are Probably Thinking This Right About Now:

Image: Motorola Mobility/YouTube