Where Was Ariana Grande's "Into You" Music Video Filmed? It Might Be A Bit Difficult To Find The Honeymoon Inn

You probably haven't even caught your breath after Ariana Grande released Dangerous Woman, a slightly more sultry entry than her previous albums. Well, prepare yourself, because Grande just dropped the second single for the album Tuesday, and, sure enough, the music video for "Into You" has more of Grande's coquettishness. But, if you pry your eyes away from Grande and Don Benjamin from America's Next Top Model steamy romance, you'll notice the "Bound"-esque desert backdrop. It makes you wonder, where is the video for "Into You" shot and, more importantly, could we book ourselves a reservation at the Honeymoon Inn?

While the answer to the latter question is probably a hard no (like that motel was a hastily put-together set of cardboard and neon lights, let's be real), the answer to the former question is a bit more vague. Specifically, it's unclear, but context clues from the video's narrative might point in a certain direction. If, for some reason, you haven't seen the video yet, spoiler alert for the super M. Night Shyamalan-level twist at the end. JK, it ain't all that, but I would watch the video first regardless if you actually care about keeping it under wraps. I'll wait.

The video follows the journey of two levels cruising through the desert on a motorcycle, eventually landing at the aforementioned Honeymoon Inn, where they do salacious things like share gummy candy and play "Go Fish." At the end, though, we learn that things are a bit more complicated than that. Apparently Grande's lover is actually her bodyguard, and the starlet has a public boyfriend who seems like a total douche. Like, what kind of Hollywood party has bottled bellinis, honestly.

But that's probably the biggest hint we get from the video. Since Grande and her boyfriend are celebrities, we can safely assume that they're in Los Angeles. Thus when it shows Grande high-tailing it out of there with her bodyguard (presumably showing that their adventure was preceded by Grande leaving her boyfriend), it's rational to believe they're somewhere in South California. Maybe they're on their way to Mexico, or maybe, just maybe, they're heading out to Vegas with purposes of getting married (we probably would've seen that in the video if it were true, but it would make for good follow-up fanfiction). What's evident, regardless of where the video is actually shot, is that it's a desert moving away from Hollywood. Like, Middle-of-Nowhere, Southwest America, where you're allowed to be free and carry on low-key affairs.

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Even if we can't pinpoint the lovers exact location (and wouldn't they want it that way) it's a pretty picturesque video. So definitely take another look at "Into You" above, and enjoy your stay at the Honeymoon Inn.

Images: ArianaGrandeVevo/YouTube; Giphy