This Mom Is Glad When Her Kids Are Mad At Her & Has The Best Reason Why — VIDEO

Parenting is hard, and it's meant to be, says one outspoken mom who explained why she is glad when her kids are mad at her in a video posted last week — and her advice is going viral. Kristina Kuzmic, YouTube personality, lifestyle blogger, and mother of three, has noticed a lot of moms get too buddy-buddy with their kids. In her video Kuzmic explained why she actually doesn't want to be friends with her kids.

She confesses to the camera that all three of her kids are currently mad at her for different reasons, but she is OK with it. She doesn't need her kids to like her 100 percent of the time, because she is the authority. If the kids are upset, that means she is doing something right. She believes that as a parent her job is to love her children, but "loving them doesn't mean making sure they are happy and are getting every single little thing they want."

She explains that her goal is to raise them to be "healthy, decent human beings that I would actually want to hang out with someday." Throughout Kuzmic's pep talk to bedraggled parents everywhere, she encourages them to stay strong. Don't be tempted to buy the toy or candy no matter how loud the child screams or cries. If a parent is desperate for their kid to like them, and they fulfill all their wishes, Kuzmic believes that kid will turn into an entitled little brats.

Experiencing rejection is healthy, and can prepare you for the trials of life to come (especially a creative life). YouTubers agree with Kuzmic's points in the comments, which are overwhelmingly positive (especially for YouTube). One viewer wrote, "You are telling the truth woman!... Parents have to stop being their children's ( key work [sic] "children") friend and be the adult and parent. Kudos."

Of course, a tub of ice cream and a glass of wine make the hard parts of parenting a little bit easier. Kuzmic enjoys both in the video. #wineflavoredicecream

Here is why Kuzmic believes it is healthy for your kids to be mad at you:

1. If Your Kids Are Angry, You Are Probably Doing Something Right

Don't take it personally, they'll get over it.

2. You're Kids Should Not Be Your Best Friend — That's Super Weird

Mixing these boundaries can be problematic — if you always want your kid to like you, you can't tell them "no." Kuzmic believes you should love your child, but don't try and seek their approval. Be their friend when they are an adult (and you can legally have a glass of wine together).

3. Remember: You Are The Authority. Stay Strong.

If you want your kids to turn into respectful humans, don't give in. One less jerk out there, means that you as a parent will leave the world a better place.

For more of Kuzmic's awesome pep talk, watch the entire video here:

Kristina Kuzmic on YouTube

If there is just one less person cutting in line for coffee, talking on their phone during a movie, or blaming someone else for their mistake, we all win.

Images: KristinaKuzmic/YouTube