13 Podcasts That Book Lovers Will Adore

by Alex Weiss

I've recently discovered the magic of audiobooks and literary podcasts, and not to be dramatic or anything, but it's changed my life. If you're a commuter like me, odds are you spend a solid few hours on trains, buses, or other modes of transportation throughout the week, and you try to fill those hours with some form of entertainment. If that entertainment is reading, then you've also probably run into the issue of not being able to read while standing, or being disrupted by loud commuters. So what's a book lover to do? Listen!

Even though I wish I could fill nearly every hour of the day with reading, sometimes I like to just sit back and listen to a conversation — one about books, obviously. That's where literary podcasts come into play, and holy cow are there a ton of sensational ones to listen to! If you're new to the podcast world, the options might seem a little daunting. How do you know which ones you'll like and which ones aren't for you? Well, I've put together a list that includes multiple award-winning and entertaining podcasts for book lovers that range in genre, topics, and so much more.

Turn up the volume and your knowledge on all things literature with these 13 exceptional podcasts that'll make any book nerd positively happy:

1. Drunk Booksellers

Where professional booksellers, guests, and other literary pros join a chat over a good drink. They'll discuss what they're reading, book news, and any other rambles they may fall into.

2. The Guardian Book Podcast

With best-selling author interviews, discussions ranging from how to write a crime story to the biggest book fairs happening around the globe, plus a monthly book club to join in on, this podcast is a must for every book-lover. Each weekly update is packed full of interesting topics that'll keep you up to date on all the literary news you could ever want.

3. Late Night Library

Who doesn't want to spend a night at the library? Well, that isn't exactly what this podcast is, but Late Night Conversation does include unscripted talks with authors, publishers, editors, and other book culture pros. And Late Night Debut is a podcast dedicated to debut books with guest author co-hosts. They also have a great podcast book club you can join if you so wish.

4. Lore

Are you a fan of Serial? Horror or thriller books? Sitting around a campfire and listening to spooky stories? Then Lore is the podcast for you. This award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast dives into true life scary stories. So while this podcast doesn't talk books in every episode, it will certainly give you a spine-tingling story to listen to on the way home from work.

5. Mugglecast

Mugglecast is the podcast every Potterhead has dreamed of. With monthly episodes, the cast discusses Harry Potter in more ways than you could think possible. Celebrating 10 years, these guys have continued to come up with fascinating and fun conversations surrounding the world of Harry Potter.

6. Lit Up

Lit Up is a podcast about books, writers, and a place where any and every literary topic is on the table. Nothing is too weird, controversial, cultural, or personal for this show. You'll love listening to the new and exciting book news they discuss, authors who are changing the literary scene, and so much more!

7. So Many Damn Books

Hosted by Christopher Hermelin & Drew Broussard, both of whom have too many damn books to read, discuss the books they're reading, the ones they need to get to, and a other topics of writing and literary news. There's good music, drinks, and a lot of interesting conversations that happen over there. So if you have too many damn books to read, join the club.

8. Book Riot Podcast

If you're a book lover, then you probably know of Book Riot, and if you don't but you want to be kept up to date on all things literary, head on over to their site. The podcast is an assortment of book topics — genre based chats, how to get move on from a book that broke your heart, lists upon lists of recommendations, and they'll even answer listeners questions every now and then. They also have multiple podcasts, one titled Dear Book Nerd, where they answer questions about life, love, and literature.

9. Books On The Nightstand

From book recommendations to behind-the-scenes looks at the world of literature, bookstores, and publishing, Books on the Nightstand is a weekly podcast you'll simply adore. They also have a blog which they update frequently, which are usually continuing conversations held on the podcast that were cut short. The hosts are wonderful, and they'll always offer something for everyone.

10. Myths and Legends Podcast

Myths and Legends stemmed from a love of literature and and history, folklore and reading. Each episode explores a legendary fairytale you probably thought you knew well enough, but exposes and reveals the surprising truths behind some stories you thought were meant for children. If you're a fantasy lover, there's no doubt you'll fall in love with this podcast.

11. The Moth

The Moth is a fantastic podcast for both writers and book lovers. Each episode features writers standing on a stage in front of a group of strangers, telling a true story. With different stories every round, from thought-provoking to funny, heartbreaking to chipper, each one is sure to entertain in a new way.

12. Overdue

Overdue is a podcast that focuses on all the books you've meant to get to over the years but simply haven't or forgotten about. Books that range from Call of the Wild to 1Q84, there are plenty of stories you'll want to catch up on after listening to this.

13. Literary Disco

This podcast talks books, writers, and even some dance moves that books make us break out into. They include fun interviews with writers, discuss books ranging from every and any genre, and overall ensure a great time for your listening needs.

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