J. Law Makes A Big 'Hunger Games' Confession

What is it about Jimmy Fallon that gets celebrities to cop to their most scandalous misdeeds? Is it that he seems so approachable and kind? Or, is it because he's an evil genius and makes games out of otherwise classified Hollywood secrets? Eh, maybe it's a little bit of both. Either way, we have a lot of insider info to thank him for. Case in point, on The Tonight Show Monday night, Jennifer Lawrence revealed a secret about the Hunger Games set. While she did do something naughty, it's not a total surprise. This is J. Law we're talking about after all.

In a game of True Confessions with Fallon and fellow guest John Oliver, Lawrence was prompted to open and read one of the two envelopes that held either a truth about her or a lie. Spoiler alert: She opened the envelope that held a truth about her. What did it say? Oh, nothing. Just that she apparently took an Ambien before filming a scene for one of the Hunger Games films. No big deal, right?

Hilariously enough, even Oliver was worried about Lawrence's ultimate confession that this particular statement was true. He said, "If this is true, is it going to cause you legal problems with the studio?" To which J. Law answered, "Um... the movies are done."

This blunder is so totally J. Law that I am sure the studio expected nothing less — and I'm sure fans didn't either. Even Oliver said that it was a "plausible" scenario before knowing if it was indeed true. With her prolific silliness and mischievous activities she's owned up to over the years, this "true confession" was a mere drop in the bucket of Lawrence-isms. Still entertaining as heck to hear about, though.

You can check out the True Confessions game for yourself, below:

My favorite part of the whole thing is how she insists that they have to "move on" when Fallon and Oliver attempt to get more information out of her on the situation. Atta girl.

Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube