This Might Change Your Mind About Bieber

Aren't you ready to hear about something Justin Bieber did that wasn't terrible, and actually was kind of awesome? We were too. It's been a long year already for Bieber and his childish antics were really wearing on all of us. But on Friday Bieber did something that was both sweet and selfless: Bieber wrote a song for his mother to sing with him. Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, can be credited with her son's rise to success as she uploaded videos on YouTube of him performing which helped him gain notoriety. Now Bieber is returning the favor and helping his mom jump start her music career.

Earlier this month Michelle Obama was asked what advice she would give Mallette and said, “I would pull him close. I would be very present in his life right now." It seems that Mallette has taken that advice to heart and is spending more time with her son and engaging in his passions.

On Friday Bieber tweeted that his mom was in the recording studio working on a song he wrote for her to sing. "Got my moms courage enough to get in the booth for the first time she sounds so good :)"

Mallette seemed to enjoy the trip into the studio and tweeted back: "Amazing night recording my first song. Thank you so much for writing it love!" In fact, it was such a positive experience for Mama Bieber that she couldn't sum up her feelings in just one tweet.

After months of Bieber's downward spiral, it's nice to see him taking time to boost his mother's spirit. And the two do seem to be spending a lot of time together in his newly rented Atlanta home. He posted this photo of him and his mom shortly after their recording session:

But Atlanta citizens are threatening to ruin the sanctuary Bieber has with his mom. The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition is planning a protest for Monday morning aiming to get Bieber to leave the city.

"We have worked hard to achieve our goals and get where we are. Justin Bieber's relocation to Atlanta can be nothing but bad for our children," the petition with more that 200 signatures reads. "Please don't allow a child to ruin what we have worked so hard to obtain."

Not so fast, Atlanta. Your city might actually be doing him some good. Out of the limelight that locations like New York, Miami, or L.A. might bring, and under the supervision of his mother, it seems that Bieber is finally behaving. Sandy Springs Police Department spokesman Capt. Steve Rose confirms that they have had no issues with Bieber saying, "He has been here for two weeks and we haven't had any problems." The department continues to regularly check on the house to make sure all is calm, and for now it thankfully is thanks to Bieber's interest in launching his mom's singing career.

The song doesn't have a title yet, but Mallette doesn't sound half bad so we're actually pretty excited to hear the whole thing when it gets released. You can check out a clip of the song below:

Images: Instagram/JustinBieber