The Best Memes To Share On National Wine Day

Whether you were aware of its existence or not, today is the single greatest day on the calendar: May 25 is National Wine Day. Of course, the obvious way to celebrate is to raise a glass or two of your favorite vino with friends, but in case you want to get an early start on the festivities, or just want to laugh your head off over a glass of chardonnay, here are the best National Wine Day memes to share on this most glorious of unofficial holidays.

Some may claim that every day is National Wine Day, and I wouldn't argue with that, but May 25 is when we're all collectively supposed to celebrate. Don't get it mixed up with National Drink Wine Day — that honorable occasion falls on Feb. 18, though I imagine both days are observed in much the same way. (For what it's worth, there is also National Mulled Wine Day, International Sauvignon Blanc Day, and National Pinot Noir Day, if you have more specific tastes.)

No matter how you prefer to consume your fermented grapes, today is your day to celebrate. So, pop open a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and sit back and give this holiday the credit it deserves. Hey, you deserve it, too.

There's nothing hard about wine, on the other hand.

Some things in this world matter more than others.

Even if you only picked up a $2 bottle, wine is the epitome of luxury.

...said no one ever.

You do NOT need an excuse, but National Wine Day is a pretty good one.

This is an emergency.

Very good question.

I've been waiting my whole life to hear these words.

Or don't, for that matter.

That's a valuable resource you're wasting.

Swipe right.

Any questions?

Happy National Wine Day! Just make sure to drink responsibly... duh.

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