What Happens When Adults Try To Explain Tinder To Kids — VIDEO

Tinder is a hilarious place, full of creeps, weirdos, total freaks and the occasional magic unicorn who is awesome and sweet and sincere and totally dateable. Many of us don't understand Tinder, but those who use it try their best, endeavoring to figure it out by doing weird things like using emojis for communication or employing Jane Austen quotes or replying with only things Shakespeare once said. Now, with new adorable video “Tindergarten: Adults Try to Explain Tinder to Kids,” things have gotten even more confusing, because toddlers understand Tinder even less than we do.

Or do they? In some ways, the kids who star in this cute and amazing short film grasp the dating platform way better than the adults who use it. Five New Yorkers were “matched,” to use Tinder terminology, with five children for some quick tutorials on the ins and outs of the dating app. The grownups explain things like “swiping left,” and clarify how “stranger danger” plays — or does not play — into the mix. And then the kids give them advice about their profiles, because of course.

Produced by Chix Productions, this gem of a video is an adorably watchable almost-three-minute escape from your workweek, so — you’re welcome, and enjoy. At times it's too real — for example, the kiddos totally troll the grownups, who are writers, performers, comedians and dating app employees Amelia Diamond, Derek Smith, Steve Conroy, Hye Yun Park and Stephanie Phillips. But it's too good to miss — trust me.

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Images: CHIX Productions/YouTube