I Spoke To People On Tinder Using Only Shakespeare Quotes, And Something Really Beautiful Happened

I get corny pick up lines all the time on Tinder. I usually just roll my eyes and unmatch them. If I'm bored, I tell the person off for being lame and pathetic and clearly trying to manipulate me. So, when I decided to talk to people on Tinder using only Shakespeare quotes (because who doesn't love being romanced in Old English?), I expected to get a lot of angry messages from people, telling me to shut up and stop being weird. But maybe chivalry isn't dead after all.

The actual results were surprising. Turns out, betches love Shakespeare. More than presidents and definitely more than 1930s dirty talk. And they love quoting him right back.

Easy, there

This was my favorite conversation in the experiment. Ok, so she obviously didn’t recognize I was quoting Shakespeare, so she must have thought I was a genius who pulled this all out of my ass. But I thought it was sweet how she tried so hard to respond with a romantic, poetic message.

She got a bit carried a way in the end though with her marriage talk. She clearly wasn’t used to getting nice romantic messages, so she took me seriously.

Wait actually ..?

It Took Her 3 Days To Come Up With This

Poetic as f*ck.

Totally nonchalant that I just spoke to her in Old English.

Ok, sending that felt super creepy.

Wait, her response was actually really sweet.