9 #BernieHillaryTVShows Tweets That Slam Clinton

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic side has remained a tight race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. But despite his noble efforts, the Vermont senator has consistently trailed behind the former Secretary of State in primaries, caucuses, and, of course, total delegate count. As the races heat up ahead of the general election, Sanders supporters used #BernieHillaryTVShows to attack Clinton in a new way.

It's no surprise that social media has played a large part in this year's election; after all, Donald Trump has mastered Twitter and figured out how to use it to his (questionable) advantage. It's also no surprise that young people love social media, so when Sanders' supporters, many of whom are millennials, saw an opportunity to attack their arch nemesis via Twitter, they didn't waste any time.

The hashtag #BernieHillaryTVShows reminded me of the clever Trump TV shows that Twitter users created under the hashtag #NewTrumpTVShows. This time around, the social media movement seemed simple enough and, honestly, I imagined TV show mash-ups in which Sanders and Clinton were co-stars. (A girl can dream, right?) However, Sanders' social media savvy supporters quickly used the trending hashtag to their advantage and proved that they will stop at nothing to attack Clinton.

Here are nine of the best #BernieHillaryTVShows tweets that completely roast Clinton for, well, being Clinton.


A box labeled "Benghazi" was probably sufficient for this cartoon to portray the potential scandals behind Clinton's campaign. It's safe to say that Scandal starring Clinton and not Kerry Washington would include just as much, if not more, drama as the current TV show.

Dancing With Wall Street

Two words: shots fired.

Bernie The Oligarchy Slayer

Apparently the Oligarchy is a super natural organization of vampires and Clinton is the lead vampire in this show. Also of note: the dollar sign chain hanging from Clinton's neck in this photo.



Law & Order: Indict Hillary Clinton

This could probably be a real show that people would actually watch. Oh, wait, it was called the 16-hour Benghazi hearings that Clinton already sat through.

Not The People's Choice Awards

Need a refresher on how we have a problem with our electoral system? Here's John Oliver slamming the presidential election process.

Lost: The Transcripts

Since 2001, the Clintons have reportedly earned more than $153 million for their speaking appearances. I like to imagine this show in two ways: It would either be detectives on the hunt for these speech transcripts trying to figure out why they were worth so much money, or it would be a show chronicling the everyday activities of the actual transcripts (which are of course lost at sea on a desert island).

The Flip-Flop Salesman

I'm not even sure what this show would be about, but Clinton's face on a sandal is kind of amusing.

Everybody Loves Bernie

Enough said.

I'm sure Clinton didn't have to deal with this kind of social media scrutiny during her 2008 presidential run. But a tiny, malicious part of me finds these #BernieHillaryTVShows kind of funny, even if they prove that Sanders' supporters really love attacking Clinton.