You Need This Photo Of Clinton & Melissa McCarthy

It seems like everywhere we look, cool and unexpected intersections between celebrities and politicians are happening as Election Day draws closer. So what's the newest big thing between The Hill and Hollywood? Could it potentially manifest in the form of Sec. Hillary Clinton and Melissa McCarthy taking a rare photograph together? Well that is exactly what happened on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. What exactly brought these two together, and is McCarthy a Clinton supporter? The pair met on an episode featuring the cast of the new Ghostbusters film.

It makes sense that the politician and the celebrity were invited to take part in the same episode, since the Ghostbusters remake features an all-female main cast. DeGeneres seemed really excited about the prospect of having them on her show alongside a female presidential candidate. Anyone can see the booking was likely intentional.

DeGeneres tweeted her excitement on Tuesday, May 24, saying, "Get your Woman Cards ready." Also, apparently SNL's Kate McKinnon impersonated Clinton and DeGeneres in front of both of them, so you don't want to miss that.

The episode featured Clinton, McCarthy, McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones as a promotion for Ghostbusters, which will be released on July 15. Despite their film already having the most disliked movie trailer in YouTube's history, these women are ready to put forth this female take on the 1984 classic.

The video had almost 32 million views as of May 24, and has accumulated 797,000 "dislikes" compared to 237,834 "likes." Moviegoers won't really know how they feel until they give the film a chance, however, and DeGeneres is doing her part to promote it, even involving members of the political process to remind women of how far we've come.

So is McCarthy a fan of Clinton's? She hasn't give any specific thoughts on the subject, but considering some of her progressive political views, it's a possibility.

Should prospective voters — and primary voters past — anticipate a Clinton endorsement from McCarthy? That is something McCarthy alone will have to decide upon. However, it is fairly certain at this point that Clinton is a fan of the new Ghostbusters film — and the message it projects.