'Girls' Should Be Nice And Awkward Tonight

As Hannah Horvath so rightfully put it, "A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance." After last week's total and utter friendship melt down at Marnie's mom's friend's vacation home (ugh) in the aptly titled episode, "Beach House," we're all too curious to see how the girls are going to cope with their newest drama. Considering the girls have finally hashed out that well, they all despise each other, we hope Lena Dunham hasn't written the show (or the girls's relationships) into a corner. Will they stay friends? Will they take Shoshanna's cruel drunken words into consideration? Will they pretend like it never happened and resent each other forevs?! (We're betting so.)

In the preview for episode 8, we see the girls interacting with the boys and not each other. Not a particularly good sign. We're treated to a glimpse into Hannah's mulling over her less than stellar pay check (welcome to the US economy, girlfriend). Marnie's still in denial over her obvious affinity for Old Man Ray, insisting she doesn't like him because she's eating pizza in front of him (Are we forgetting the grilled pizzas with Charlie, Marn?! Huh?!). Jessa appears to have found another eccentric older British man to run wild with and hires him at the baby boutique on a whim. Finally, Hannah's talking to someone off camera coming to the realization that she probably shouldn't have rescued Jessa from the help she so sorely needed at rehab. Oy, what a headache. It's a rough day at Girls when Hannah seems to be the one who has it altogether (or as put together as she's ever going to be).

Check out the trailer for tonight's episode below so you can decide for yourself if the 'Beach House' has made a real impact on our favorite four Brooklynites.