How To Throw A Party In A Small Apartment

If you have ever tried to throw a party in a small apartment, then you know just how difficult it can be. And yet, there's something incredibly charming about tiny parties in tiny apartments. So don't let a lack of space stop you from throwing a great get together.

In fact, some of the best parties I've ever been to have been in crammed, close quarters. Think about it — you're pretty much guaranteed to get wrapped up in a great convo, and the whole vibe is usually relaxed and fun. People show up with a sense of humor, because they know they're about to sit on the floor, or lean against the wall. And usually, only the best of friends are invited to such shindigs, so you know you're in for a good night.

Small apartment parties are usually informal for this very reason, but you can up the ante a bit. It's possible to throw a dinner party, for example, if you're willing to get creative with how you use the space. It'll just requires a bit of forethought, and some creative rearranging of your one couch and one chair.

If you're ready to make the most of your tiny space, then here are some ways to comfortably squeeze all your friends into your apartment for a party that'll be worth remembering.

1. Don't Be Afraid To Move Stuff Around

Some apartments are small, and there's nothing you can do to free up space. Other apartments, however, have the tiniest bit of extra room that can allow for some rearranging. If possible, try moving some of the extra tables and chairs out of the way, to make room for mingling. "A quick fix is to push furniture against the wall so you have more open space for milling about, while you preserve seating along the wall. If you have a guest bedroom or large closet, you can stash stuff there, too," according to an article on

2. Serve Welcome Cocktails

People are going to be rubbing elbows — literally — so have a few cocktails ready to go as soon as guests arrive. It'll help lubricate the getting-to-know you process, and make everyone feel more comfortable in such a tight space, according to Maggie Winterfeldt on

3. Have Guests Label Their Drinks

Guests' drinks are going to get all sorts of mixed up if there's only one table (or window sill) to put things on. So start a drink labeling system, such as with name tags, or identifiable straws, so everyone knows what's what. "This also ensures everyone uses just one glass throughout the entire party," noted Katie Meyers on That's good for cleanup, but even better if you have a limited glassware supply.

4. Make Sure It's Not Sweltering

If you've ever been to a tiny house party, then you know how hot it can get with a bunch of people crammed into one space. So plan ahead to keep things comfy. "The best way to cool things down is to turn on the AC and turn off the oven about one hour before your party is supposed to start," suggested Ariel Knutson on "I also crack a window open and leave a fan on in the room I'm not entertaining in, so people can find some respite if things get too hot."

5. Spread Snacks Around The Room

Whatever you do, don't have one snack spot, as it will create all sorts of traffic jams. Instead, place food around the apartment — a few apps on the coffee table, some more in the kitchen — to encourage people to mill about, Meyers suggested. This will prevent everyone from congregating in one area, and it will keep your party moving.

6. Designate A Place For Coats And Bags

Huge coats and bags have no place in a tiny apartment, so stuff them away out of sight as best you can. You can also tell people to hang on to smaller items. As Knutson said, "While I'm normally a shoes-off kind of apartment, I always insist guests keep their shoes on when we have a large party (to minimize clutter)."

7. Have Food Ready To Go

In tiny apartments — especially in studios — the kitchen is right in the middle of things. That's why you should finish cooking before guests arrive, to ensure that space is ready for use. "You'll be more relaxed and you'll free up the kitchen, creating valuable square footage," Winterfeldt said.

8. Use Pillows As Chairs

Don't stress too much about seating, since I doubt you have more than one chair, if any at all. Simply throw some pillows on the ground, and let your friends get comfy.

9. Get Creative With Tables

If you're throwing a dinner party, you might have to get creative when it comes making a table that's larger enough for everyone. As Winterfeldt said, "Everything from kitchen carts to desks to discarded doors are fair game. Push everything together to form a big table — and don't stress if they don't perfectly align. Alternatively, you can DIY yourself a table for the night with some collapsable [sic] saw horses and a sheet of sturdy plywood." As a bonus, both options can be quickly disassembled after dinner, to make room for dancing, or hanging out.

10. Go Big In Other Ways

Going for a fancy vibe isn't the easiest, especially when you only have pillows and saw horses to work with. So make up for it in different ways by going a bit overboard with the decor. Use real plates, make pretty drinks, and consider handing out party favors, as suggested on It'll make your party super memorable, while also distracting your guests in the best way possible.

11. Enjoy Yourself No Matter What

Don't spend the evening apologizing for the lack of space, or feeling bad about people sitting on the floor. These are your friends and family we're talking about, so they should have fun and enjoy the evening, regardless of the tight quarters.

In fact, small apartment parties are incredibly memorable, if for that reason alone. So make sure you have at least one while living in your tiny space, and be sure to make the most of it.

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