Wake Up, Sheeple. Kylie Is Terror Jr

by Daniela Cabrera

With social media making everything so public, it's fun when there are some unsolved mysteries in the entertainment world, and one such case is the identity of the band Terror Jr. On March 31, Kylie Jenner released a music video commercial to announce her new line of lip gloss, and the track playing in the video immediately attracted attention. Fans scurried to find out about the catchy song, and it was revealed to be, "3 Strikes" by Terror Jr. But who is Terror Jr? When I first heard the song, I initially thought Jenner was singing. Since the identity of the band has yet to be revealed, here are some clues that prove my theory that Kylie Jenner is the singer of Terror Jr.

First things first, Terror Jr was totally unknown and untraceable on the Internet before their track appeared in Jenner's "Glosses" video. Soon after the cosmetics video was released, "3 Strikes" was put on Soundcloud, marking their first song posted... anywhere. Next, they created their Twitter on the same day (March 31) of the video release, so how could an unknown band like them score a massive placement in a video for Kylie Jenner? I feel like it would be a huge risk to gamble on a new artist, unless of course, the artist was also the star of the video. Dun dun dunnnnn.

Bustle reached out to Terror Jr around the time of the lip gloss video release. Terror Jr told us at the time, "We'd like to maintain some mystery for now." Bustle also reached out to a rep for Jenner for this piece, but has not yet received a response.

Just this week, Terror Jr posted a new track titled "Trippin", so questions of their true identity are again fresh on fans' minds. According to The Fader, Terror Jr was created by producer Felix Snow and David, aka Campa, and fronted by a mysterious girl named “Lisa.” V Magazine , where "Trippin" exclusively premiered, linked out to an Instagram for this "Lisa," and of course, the only photo she has posted is a silhouette. Is Lisa actually Jenner? Let's investigate.

If you follow Jenner on any of her social media accounts, you know that music is a huge part of her life. She often is spotted hanging out with musicians (her BFFs Justine Skye, Pia Mia, and Harry Hudson all sing), and she loves to Snapchat herself singing along to her favorite songs. She often lip syncs, but there have been a few times that Jenner's actual singing voice has broken through:

Exhibit A

As a singer myself, even though she is young and messing around in this clip, I can tell that she can hold a tune and has a discernible tone to work with. And if she eventually sings using AutoTune, well, she would sound really good.

Exhibit B

Once again, in this Keek video from 2014, Jenner seems to be joke-singing, but you can tell that she can actually sing the song properly. Her sister Kendall Jenner even ends the video saying, "Isn't she good? You should have your own record deal."

Exhibit C

There is only a tiny glimpse of her voice in this video, but Caitlyn Jenner is raving about her singing voice, and I think it's adorable that she wants her daughter to show it off.

What I gather from these points is that Jenner can sing (and likes to do so), but she has been shy to show it off, so a mysteriously-fronted band might be the perfect way for her to get her actual voice out there. In June 2015, Entertainment Tonight asked Jenner if she would be into pursuing a music career within the next 10 years. She replied, "No... I don’t know. I like to keep all that to myself but I am really excited I'm coming out with... a new website this summer."

Hmm, so this is not exactly a flat-out denial. And since she did say she wants to keep it all to herself, well, make of that what you will. Just this week, Galore Magazine asked Terror Jr via e-mail is if they count Jenner as a member of their group and they received a response similar to the one Bustle received: "We do appreciate the mystery thus far :)”

Jenner is the only person that Terror Jr follows on both its Twitter and Instagram accounts. The band's only photo as a group shows two men and a woman with bright pink hair (all of their faces are covered), a trait that is closely associated with Jenner and her love of colorful wigs.

As far as I am concerned, based on videos of Jenner singing in the past, these Terror Jr songs totally sound like they could be her voice. If this is really happening, it would be a genius move. Plus, the music is pretty decent, so bring on the EP, Kylie!