Little Kids Give Relationship Advice & It's All You'll Ever Need — VIDEO

Who do you go to for dating and relationship advice? Your friends? Your mom? Your co-worker? Well, I hate to break it to you but they are all are idiots compared to these dating geniuses. I mean, I'd like to think I know a lot about relationships, but I have nothing on these experts. Nothing. Basically, Cosmopolitan took a new approach to getting dating advice and had some brilliant little boys give women love advice. And honestly, it's amazing.

Although most of the advice is given by two of them — an amazingly precocious and beautiful little boy and a sassy, but somehow world-weary youngster with a strong side-part — I'd like to give a special shout out to the little guy in classes who is maybe the best person I've ever seen in my life. (Trust me, you'll love him).

They tackle everything from how to deal with bad breath to who should be the first to say "I love you." And with the world's cutest group hugs at the end, it's definitely worth the watch. You can look at the whole video here, to get some real insight to the trials and tribulations of dating. on YouTube

Here are my favorite moments:

"What Happens If A Guy Is Shorter Than You?"

"You have to get a new one." Done. No question, apparently. Little kids are BRUTAL.

"How Many Dates Do We Have To Go On Before It's Official?"

"100!" 100 dates— the most outspoken and adorable little man says you need to hit triple digit in the date department. At once a week that'll put you almost two years in before you're official. They've got an old-fashioned vibe I really appreciated.

"Should I Kiss Him At The End Of The Date?"

"Just kiss him, who cares?!" I want to say that I haven't texted that to friends, but I have definitely texted that to friends.

"He Still Lives At Home With His Mother."

"I think he wants to stay in his childhood." Why are you so wise little boy when you can't even tie a tie?!

"How Can I Tell If A Boy Likes Me?"

"If a boy likes you, you should say 'thank you'." ... OK that's a little worrying, TBH.

"Do You Think I Should Say "I Love You" First Or He Should?"

"Listen to what your heart says." I love how soulful tie-boy is, but please, look at the little munchkin in the glasses. He is at the end of his rope with these questions. He's above all of this. And he loves cupcakes, so I respect him.

And Finally...

"Give her a hug, HELLO!" How much fun does that look like? Seriously? Please invite me next time.