You Have To Watch This DCOM For Memorial Day

By now, you have either already embarked on your Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) Memorial Day Marathon and are currently eating all of your favorite classic snacks and basking in Disney nostalgia, or you are giving your DVR a serious workout. Either way, missing out on the DCOM goodness is not an option this weekend. But, if you are super busy and only have time to sit down and watch one DCOM this Memorial Day, make it Cadet Kelly . The Hilary Duff classic's military theme makes it perfect for Memorial Day viewing, and it is airing Monday night at 11:55 p.m. EST, by which time you will be ready to unwind after a day of barbecuing and chilling with your friends.

If you have not seen Cadet Kelly in a while, the movie follows Duff's Kelly, a young woman who is more into fashion than fatigues. When Kelly's mother marries a soldier who becomes the Commandant at a military school, Kelly is forced to transfer to a new environment where taking orders and extreme physical activity are the norm. Think Legally Blonde if it was set at a military school instead of law school, and had a major subplot about fatherly love.

Trust me, you need to make time for Cadet Kelly this weekend. The military school comedy is hilarious, inspiring, and full of your fave early '00s stars. This movie will complete your Memorial Day celebration. Still need convincing? Fine, get in line soldiers, here is why Cadet Kelly is the DCOM you have to watch this holiday weekend.

Kelly Is Still The Ultimate '00s Hero

You know you want to spend your holiday with a character you can relate to. Kelly has a rebel heart, a love for art, and the ability to change without losing sight of who she is. Duff plays Kelly's evolution from whiny teen to mature young woman ready to accept her new family beautifully. She was totally your hero in the '00s and you are still going to love her now.

It Positively Depicts Young Women In A Military Setting

There is a rivalry between Kelly and Cadet Captain Jenny, but it is more about their differing ideals than anything else, and they work it out by the end. For the most part, Cadet Kelly does a good job of showing strong, diverse young women running obstacles and taking part in military drills alongside their male counterparts. Thanks to Kelly's friendship with Carla and the other young women at the school it also shines a spotlight on how supportive women can be to each other.

The Family Drama Is Super Relatable

Whether you grew up as an army brat or just had to adjust to being part of a blended family, Kelly's struggle to accept her stepfather and vice versa rings true. Memorial Day is the official kickoff to summer for most people, and summer is a time when you spend a lot of time with family. Get a head start on those warm and fuzzy familial feels by watching Kelly stand by her dad and her stepdad.

It Will Remind You Of Summers Past

How many summers did you spend watching DCOMs and Lizzie McGuire? Duff played a major role in the summers of your youth, so starting summer 2016 with one of her most memorable roles is only fitting. As an added bonus, Even Stevens' fave Christy Carlson Romano is there and so is In a Heartbeat's Shawn Ashmore. Cadet Kelly is going to give you the most old school Disney star power out of all the DCOMs airing during the marathon.

It Is On Theme

It is Memorial Day, people! Do your civic duty and watch the most cheerful military themed movie ever committed to film.

Cadet Kelly never gets old, guys. Do yourself a favor and make sure you tune in to this Duff masterpiece this Memorial Day weekend.

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