Your Best Relationship Quality, Based On Your Sign

by Lily Feinn

Keeping a long-term, committed relationship fresh and exciting is no easy feat. After being with the same person for a while some of the romance tends to wear off, and their flaws become more noticeable. Little things that you thought were cute when you first met can start to get on your nerves. And even though you absolutely love them, hey, your bae is still human.

As flaws become more apparent over time, their positive qualities are amplified as well. Once you get to know each other on a deeper level, you may notice that there is at least one trait that makes your bae an awesome partner. They probably have a special quality that pulls you back together every time you get into an argument. These unique gifts help us to be good relationship material — and balance out the very unsexy stained sweatpants we wear during TV marathons.

Astrology may not be an exact science — and I totally understand if you are not convinced that the position of celestial objects can tell us about affairs down on earth. However, studying the Zodiac can reveal some unexpected things about our personalities and love lives. Time and again, our profiles and horoscopes seem eerily spot on. So why not turn to our star sign to give us a hint about these important relationship qualities?

Wanna know what is really gonna light your bae’s fire and keep it burning over the years? Here is your “star” quality in a relationship, based on your zodiac sign:

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Quality: Energetic

This vivacious fire sign’s best trait in a relationship is their boundless energy. Those born under the Aries sign are far from couch potatoes. Known for their curiosity and passion, they are always pushing things to 11. While in some cases this may be exhausting, in a long-term relationship, this passion and energy will keep the romance and excitement alive. An Aries will never let the fire die, no matter how many years they’ve been with the same person.

This sign is also competitive by nature and loves to win, so they will strive to make their romantic relationship number one. The Aries has all the energy and more to meet their high standards — and while they may have a hot temper at times, they also love getting steamy under the sheets. These two qualities will fuel an exciting relationship, so do let your live hard, love hard Aries bf or gf stoke the flames of love.


Quality: Sensual

The Taurus is a pleasure-seeking sign, and in a long-term relationship, the partner can benefit greatly from their sensual nature. The Taurus loves to luxuriate over all the things that awaken the senses. You can rest assured your love life will stay pretty sexy through the years. While a Taurus may act a bit slow and methodical, savoring all the sensual delights at their fingertips, there will be no need to spice things up romantically. A scented bubble bath together, fancy dinners and vacations, or introducing a little strawberries and whip cream into your foreplay are all par for the course. A Taurus is an affectionate lover, and very dependable. Sometimes, this dependability may veer into stubbornness and they can act a bit bull-headed (that’s their insignia after all). But once they are committed to a person and will not leave a relationship lightly.


Quality: Communicative

There are a lot of great things going on for Geminis (thanks to their dual nature), so it’s pretty hard to choose just one quality. A chatty Gemini can be easily charming, but after being with this sign for a while you will realize it is their devotion to communication that makes them such excellent partners. Communication is key for this sign, who is happiest when sharing ideas and experiences with another person. A Gemini’s partner will never be bored, but they should make sure to not avoid discussion or close a Gemini out. They need to be close with their romantic partners, and share secrets (like twins).


Quality: Empathetic

A mysterious, mercurial water sign, someone born a Cancer will be a loyal partner, but their star quality lies in their ability to empathize with a romantic partner. Throughout life’s ups and downs, you can count on a Cancer to be with you every step of the way, and always ready with a kind smile or shoulder rub. Cancers themselves are emotional and intuitive, so whatever you are feeling they have definitely felt before. You don't have to be wary of sharing life's experiences together.


Quality: Generous

Proclaimed the "most generous sign of the Zodiac," the Leo lover has a big heart. Loyal, reliable, charming, and sincere, Leos have plenty of attractive qualities that ensure they are never alone for very long. But thanks to their strength and giving nature, they are always happy to take on a leadership role when it comes to helping out a friend or loved one. They will be a powerful advocate for their partner (but keep in mind a Leo needs plenty of attention as well).


Quality: Caring

Virgos tend to be organized and analytical, they devote themselves to a task and complete it methodically. This makes them excellent partners, because if you are lucky enough to earn a Virgo's love, they will care for you and seek to improve both your lives. This earth sign enjoys the stability of a long-term relationship. They like being needed by another person, so they are more likely devoted partners instead of swiping right on the latest dating app. While they are not always expressive of their feeling verbally, they will show their love through thoughtful, kind, and supportive acts. You will never have a forgotten anniversary or lackluster birthday celebration with this sweet sign.


Quality: Fair

Libra is latin for "weighing scales" and is often depicted holding balanced scales. This is reflected in their need for equality and harmony in their lives. Like one scale needs the other to balance the weight, it is important for a Libra to be part of a partnership. You will always get an fair shake with a Libra lover — they will do what they can to keep their bae happy, and to maintain harmony at home.


Quality: Sexy

The Scorpio's passionate nature and yearning for intimacy makes rolling between the sheet with this water sign extra hot. The trust they share with their partner in a long-term relationship allows this sexy sign to open up. Scorpios will keep their partners on their toes not only with their quick wit, but with their tendency to express and deeply feel their feelings. Life with them can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but catch the mischievous glint in their eye, and you know date night will be pretty steamy.


Quality: Optimistic

The Sagittarius-born love life and travel, and if you can get this fire sign to stand still long enough to fall in love, they are wonderful partners. Always fiercely independent and adventurous, the Sagittarius lover will fill your life with exuberance and positivity. No matter how hard things get, they will be able to find a positive angle to help you soldier on. There optimism may seem naive at times, but try not to discourage it. Looking on the bright side allows them to see the best in people and take more risks, which will lead to an exciting life ahead for those born under the sign of the archer and their mate.


Quality: Self-Confident

Practical Capricorns have loads of self-control and discipline. These traits make them good business associates and excellent at achieving goals and meeting deadlines. In a long-term relationship, these skills can bring you success as a couple as well. Strong-willed Capricorns take their relationships very seriously. They believe in themselves and their abilities, and they want you to be true to yourself too.


Quality: Independent

Aquarius are independent in many ways from their personal style, creative spirit, the way they think, and even how they like to spend their time. They can be shy, but will open up to someone they trust. The Aquarius lover will keep their partner stimulated intellectually and challenged emotionally. They definitely march to the beat of their own drum which their partner will appreciate in the years to come.


Quality: Compassionate

Pisces are known for forming strong connections to people and their surroundings. They are compassionate by nature, and often put their friends' or lover's needs before their own. They have a romantic spirit and a deep emotional well to draw from. Do not take advantage of the pisces giving nature over the years, cherish it.

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