Here's What Makes You Dateable Based On Your Sign

by Lindsay Tigar

After I go on a great first date and happen to mention the experience to my mom, she never asks for his name, what he does for a living, or if he's good looking. The only thing she asks is: "When's his birthday?" As an astrologer, my mom, Kim Tigar, is often interested in the compatibility between zodiac signs.

Since she has always lived her life by the sky above, she also can instantly tell me exactly what I like about the guy as soon as she knows if he's an Aries, a Cancer, or a Gemini. But for those of us who haven't memorized the zodiac quite as effectively, she gave me the run-down on what makes us attractive, fun, and interesting as daters based the day they blow out candles (and take tequila shots).

So the next time you're about to take your right swipe in public, make sure to get their birthday first, just so you know what's you're getting yourself into. And, you'll get a good look at what you're really like on a first date, whether you're attentive, in high spirits, or perhaps talking too much. Here's what makes you dateable according to your astrological sign:


"When you're on a date, Aries will come across as enthusiastic and optimistic," Tigar tells Bustle. "You'll likely take the lead and will have high spirits and energy throughout." While it might feel second-nature and natural for you to take the lead in planning the date, Tigar cautions to let your date make some decisions too. Even if you would rather be pursuing, rather than being pursued, some signs you date may want to do a little chasing and romancing as well. Aries are also hypersexual, so the not-having-sex-on-a-first-date policy might not always suit your lifestyle. I say—as with anything — do you.


What will set you apart from other daters, Taurus, according to Tigar is how attentive you are as a listener. "You're very dependable and patient, so you will really enjoy hearing long stories that interest you," Tigar says. "You might come across a little strong at first, but once you're in a relationship you will thrive on being sensual and affectionate." You'll also have to tame your jealousy to be in a healthy relationship, as you can be a little untrusting and have a need-to-know-everything-about-everything attitude. The finer things in life — like Michelin-star restaurants and secret speakeasies — are your ideal places for a first date. You will likely always value quality over quantity — especially in love.


Anyone who goes out with you, Gemini, will definitely have a great time, even if there isn't a romantic connection. Why? Tigar says your talkative and curious nature can be addictive. "You're always on the lookout for new experiences and ideas and for you, dating will be just that: a interesting, new journey," Tigar says. "Unlike some other signs, you won't get boggled down with online dating because you'll find the humor in it." Be careful though, Tigar warns, as you may be a little picky about finding someone to actually settle down with, and while you're flexible, you aren't always willing to commit. For a first date, you'd like to skip the dinner-and-drinks tango and go straight for something more out of the ordinary, like a charity function, something active or well, something ridiculous. Whatever it is, you'll likely laugh your way through it.


For you, kindness is the most important part of dating. "You're very empathetic toward everyone in your life, even new strangers on dates," Tigar says. "Even if you aren't interested in that person, you'll go out of your way to be nice to them." During a date, you'll be a kind, patient listener, and you'll expect the same out of your potential partner, too. "There is no middle ground for you — when you feel something, you feel it all the way. So there are no games for you," Tigar says. You can also be a little protective and possessive, so make sure you're giving your date room to get to know you before you dive head in. When you're first getting to know someone, you'll want to go somewhere quiet and calm so you can really talk to them: think a coffee shop or a walk through a park.


"You are generous with everything and have a true love for life," Tigar says. "You're fun to be around because you are overall very happy, but you will also need more attention than other signs." When you're dating, you'll try your best to make your date laugh and you'll also be playful and spontaneous, and Tigar says you may even have a tendency to have marathon dates because you just want to keep the party going. At times, you may come across as stubborn and high maintenance, but it's mostly due to your need to be reassured of how your partner feels. For a first date, you might enjoy going to an open mic night or a show — anything to feel your inner (mostly healthy) drama.


It's not that you want to be single, Virgo, it's actually quite the opposite — you thrive off being around other people. The issue, Tigar says, is that you're overly aware of everything going on around you, so you can be hypercritical both of yourself and of dates. "But that hard outer shell can melt away when you really like someone, and out comes a very passionate, kind, loving and loyal partner and friend," Tigar says. One thing that makes others drawn to you is your caring attitude and how you instantly put others at ease with a warm smile and easy, open heart. When you're on a first date, you'll want to be comfortable — so a cozy wine bar or a lounge with dim lighting will win you over.


You make a pretty wonderful date, Libra, because you make your date feel important. "It's all about balance for you, so while you're incredibly charming and a good listener, you also need someone who will pay attention to you and dote on you a bit," Tigar says. When you're on a date, you'll likely want to have a fun, adventurous meal at a new restaurant and you'll thrive off telling your date everything you know about the country the food is from, making you interesting to get to know. Be warned that you could easily get bored — even when you really like someone — so it's important to continuously shake things up and not always do the same thing in relationships, or on dates.


You're a tough one Scorpio, but you — mostly — have good intentions. "Your passion and intensity is magnetic to most people," Tigar says. "And it can come across as very sensual and sexy." On a date, you will have no problem leading the conversation, but you may struggle with letting your date get a word in. You don't mind instant signs of affection or having sex early into dating someone, but you also will easily become jealous and at times, full of revenge, Tigar says. For you, the key will be for you to temper that internal fire and channel it into a positive energy that'll really electrify your date. For you, you'll want to start dating someone by doing something sexy: maybe getting dressed up to go to a swanky lounge or feeding each other fondue under candlelight. Anything to invoke passion of any kind.


"This is the sign of optimism, independence and enthusiasm," Tigar says. You will instantly come across as someone who is full of positivity, light, and playfulness, making you a great date to whoever you're going out with. But while you'll enjoy in engaging in conversation and asking tons of questions, what's most important to you is freedom. Being with someone who won't respect your boundaries or give you space will never make you happy, and at the start of a relationship, may even push some people away. To fix this, make sure your first date (and your following dates) are centered around new experiences. And try your best not to always speak exactly what you think — that bluntness can be unintentionally hurtful.


You like to date, sure, but you're very focused on success, Tigar says. "You have a great sense of humor, which will make others be attracted to you and feel comfortable instantly," she says. "But you'll have a tough time prioritizing a relationship over your career." The good news is that because you're practical and patient, you will take your time when getting in something serious and really feel like you know that person when the time comes to make it official. You'll thrive at a trivia night as a first date or going to see a comedy show. Just be careful that you don't test the loyalty of those around you too much — and take people at their word when they say they care.


You're likely into those friends-with-benefits relationships and you may have trouble getting in the mood for a relationship with strings. "You don't follow the rules, you want to be different and you're an independent thinker with a stubborn streak," Tigar says But the funny thing is, even though it may take some convincing to get you to see someone as more than a fun playmate, Tigar says, that people are often drawn to Aquarians for their fun, interesting energy. Even though you may be a little scattered, you're loyal and kind to your core. For a first date, you need to do something wacky.


As one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, you are incredibly caring and emotional. "Pisces are warm and really feel the energy of those around them. Good or bad, they feed off of it," Tigar says. "It'll be important to you to have someone who can be patient with you." On a date, your potential partners will love how intently you listen, how brightly you respond to their stories and how in depth your questions are. You're ruled by the water, so if you can have dinner by a lake or ocean, or even a fountain, you'll feel more comfortable.

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