Chrissy & John's Baby Meeting Her Grandma Is Cute

I really relate to that meme about being jealous of a golden retriever in a wealthy family, and similarly, I am also very, very jealous of celebrity babies. Specifically, and more than any other, Luna Simone Legend, child of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Sure, North West is better dressed than I shall ever be and Blue Ivy Carter richer, but Luna Legend takes the number one spot. Mostly because she's Chrissy Teigen's daughter, but also because she is surrounded by so much family love. Legend posted a photo of his grandmother with Luna on Friday, and it's so cute it makes me tense.

In the Instagram, Legend shared a photo of his grandma with baby Luna with the caption, "Granny came from Ohio to meet Luna." In the pic, Luna is looking up at her great-grandmother like, "Hold up... You look just like my dad." And those genes are strong. I don't think a baby has ever looked more obviously like her parents than Luna.

And when Legend's grandma isn't around, don't worry, because Teigen's mom is also very involved with her daughter and her son-in-law and their countless pups, and there to take Luna off their hands when they're spent. Vilailuck Teigen is an Instagram celeb all on her own. Her account, @PepperThai2, has more than 105,000 followers, and if you want to see more cute photos of baby Luna, definitely follow her. (Also, everything else she posts is just as great; she's the coolest mom on social media, in my humble opinion.)

I didn't grow up in a big family and barely knew my grandmas, so that's why I get capital "E" Emotional seeing how loved Luna is — which, obviously, all babies deserve to be! Also, I'm just jealous because I wish I were a part of Legend and Teigen's family. I would volunteer to be their nanny, except Lulu's already surrounded by motherly, grandmotherly, and great-grandmotherly love, and of course, the adoration of her dad.

Besides the love, Luna also has a family who will go to bat no matter what. Teigen won't stand for mom-shaming, and neither will Legend, who has stood up against his wife's haters, as well.

Even though Luna is super new to the world — she was just born in April — she's already bopping and dancing, just like her parents. If you can brace yourself enough, watch the video above Teigen posted of Luna dancing to her dad's song "The Beginning." The one thing I dislike Luna for is that she is making me rethink my stance on having children (it's currently none, please, ever), but those dang cheeks are making me weak.