'RHONJ' Season 7 Is Going To Be So Good

It's almost that time of year again. Yes, it's almost time for one of the best Real Housewives franchises to return to TV. On July 10, we get a new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey . Dude, Season 7 looks major. It's been two very, very long years since Season 6 premiered; to say there's a bevy of fans desperate for this show to return (myself included) would be an understatement. There's so much packed into those quick three minutes that the trailer demands multiple viewings. Where to begin? Sure, everyone looks glam to the max and there seems to be plenty of highs and lows. But this latest season seems to have extra dramatic edge to it, the likes of which we haven't seen for the last few seasons. Maybe it's because one of the biggest storylines involves (yet again) the woes of the Giudice clan or maybe it's because one housewife is putting on her boxing gloves and is looking for a fight. No matter which frame you pause on in this trailer, there is so much going on.

What I do know is that there are plenty of great things to looks forward to. Of course, Teresa Giudice's return from prison will be big, but what about these new housewives? Also, why is Jacquline Laurita getting so nosy with stepdaughter Ashley? Are the newest housewives, Siggy Fickler and Dolores Catania, going to find love? Why isn't Kathy Wakile featured more? Oh my gosh, there are just too many questions and too little time to spend answering them! While I keep poring over the trailer for clues, here are a few of the things I'm most looking forward to.

1. Teresa's Return Home

It's been a tough go for the Giudice family. Following the shocking revelations and subsequent bankruptcy trial, it looks like one of the bigger plot points for RHONJ Season 7 will be Teresa's return home from prison and Joe's subsequent departure. Teresa returned home to massive positive fanfare from the press earlier this year. It looks as it there may be a shifting of blame towards Joe while Teresa reconnects with her family and friends over the course of the season.

2. The Return Of Kim D.

Kim D. has been nothing but a trouble-maker and queen of pot-stirring since Season 1. While she's been on and off RHONJ over the last few seasons, it looks like she back to bringing up nothing but the hottest, troublemaking gossip for Season 7. Could she be causing drama by going #TeamTeresa?

3. No Sign Of Caroline Manzo

Caroline, where are you? We miss you, honey. Come back! Manzo is M.I.A. from the Season 7 proceedings, despite the presence of her brother and sister-in-law (Chris and Jacqueline Laurita), Manzo is in the wind. It seems that Kathy Wakile (a heavy hitter from Seasons 3-5) is also getting reduced screen time. Manzo was always a major voice of reason on the show and, from the trailer, it looks like there needed to be a stabilizing presence in the group.

4. The Amazing Antics Of The Giudice Daughters

The Giudice girls are growing up so quickly! It's actually insane how old they look now. At one point, it looks like Gabriella gets stuck in an inflatable sumo wrestler suit. At another point, oldest daughter Gia is out to dinner with Mama Giudice and says that her dad needs to "get his sh*t together." Whoa, Gia, where'd you pick that up? Most heartwarmingly, at the end of the trailer we see the Giudice girls gathered together for a little sleepover with Audriana asking for her dad to come home from prison. If anything, watching the girls grow up will be another tender storyline for the show.

5. New Housewives

Who is Siggy Fickler? It looks like we're gonna find out big time on Season 7. Fickler appears to be just the injection of life that RHONJ has been jonesin' for. Also coming aboard is Dolores Catania, who looks to share a kinship with Teresa as her longtime friend. Given Catania's strong and outspoken nature (as well as holding down a family & being a working woman), it seems she may be adopting the role as "voice of reason" that former housewife Caroline Manzo one held.

6. Alcohol-Fueled Drama

If we know one thing, it's that the housewives love their vino. So it comes as no surprise that there will be plenty of drama at the hands of some serious boozing. It looks like Fickler will be delivering some of the biggest histrionics in the franchise's history if that trailer is anything to go by.

7. Feminism Hits The Gorga Home

Enough is enough if you're Melissa Gorga. It appears one of the big storylines will be Melissa reading Joe his marital Miranda rights after he starts acting up. Joe has always been a bit of a meat-and-potatoes, homegrown dude. It's one of the things that makes him so endearing. But it looks like Melissa is putting her foot down and bringing her hubby into the 21st century.

8. Italian Values

"Family first." It's one of the biggest tenets of RHONJ and a lot of the drama has been caused or resolved by how this tenet is followed. With Teresa Giudice's return home, there will surely be some ruffled feathers and questions as to what exactly happened to land her with a prison sentence. Moreover, Giudice is seen telling Wakile that she wants to "cut the cancer out," to which Wakile matter-of-factly replies, "Well, we're not cancer." Is Giudice ready to shun all her naysayers, even if they're family?

9. Jacqueline Is A Villain Now?

Well, the time has come for Jacqueline Laurita to really get her claws out. This season, she's going to be clashing big time with Giudice but over what? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure: Laurita is ready to rumble. Who's gonna come out on top?

10. Jacqueline's Tender Breakthrough With Her Son

Laurita's journey with her son, who was diagnosed with autism, has been documented on the show in past seasons. It's a heart-wrenching but sweet moment to see Nicholas give his dad a kiss while Laurita shares a vulnerable moment with Giudice.

11. Beer Pong! A Wine Toast!

As much as alcohol fuels the drama, it also fuels the fun. Let's hope there's a ton more beer pong where this little clop came from.

12. Dolores Is Looking For Love

Catania's status as an independent, working mom may be changing in Season 7 of RHONJ. Giudice is wishing for Catania to find love. Here's to hoping we get to see Catania going on a ton of awkward and charming dates in search of Prince Charming.

13. Who's The Evil Person Teresa Keeps Talking About?

There's a lot of shade being thrown around by Giudice. Conflicts with Wakile and Laurita, as well as Catania blowing up seemingly at Giudice, give the appearance that her welcome home from prison will be short-lived. What appears follow is nothing but tea-sipping, shade-throwing and nasty name-calling coming from Camp Giudice but who is it directed at? So many suspects, so little time.

This is what awaits us for Season 7? This is amazing! This trailer has provided us with some great things to looks forward to but I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. I legitimately cannot wait for July 10 now. Can you?

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