Treat Yourself To Vanilla Cold Brew For Under $5

Praise be to the warm weather gods, my summer drink prayers have been answered: Starbucks is introducing a new cold brew. A vanilla sweet cream one. And honestly, based on how much the Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew costs, this could very quickly become my li'l summer self-care, treat-myself treat.

Though the price varies slightly by market, a 12-ounce Tall Sweet Cream Cold Brew costs between $3.25 and $4.25. And you can get one right now — right this very minute. And even though I never seem to have enough money and I'm trying to save for a billion things at once (not a billion, but grad school and Big Trips — you know, casual, inexpensive things), I still try to set aside $5 every week or so for something fun. Happily, delicious coffee that clocks in at $4.25 or less very much fits into my budget. Huzzah!

Even better, Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is a permanent menu item, which means that I can drink it both now and forever — including the dead of winter, if I so choose. Because even though yes, right now Chicago feels like summer camp, it will soon return to its true Chiberia state. Ih, the seasons, they go round and round and the painted ponies go up and down.

Anyway, here are a few more summer self-care, treat-yourself treats under $5, because cold brew season is here and we should all be celebrating. And just saying, most of these summer self-care treats can be enjoyed with a cold brew in your little paws.

1. Go Play Putt-Putt

OK, granted, my concept of what summer feels like is based on growing up in rural Ohio, but there's no way that putt-putt wasn't big anywhere else, too. It's like golf, but not boring or time-consuming, and with more readily available snacks and creepily-themed course elements. Plus, you can almost always find tickets for around $5 in your area. Plus, you'll feel like a kid again.

2. Buy Some Plants

Growing from seeds tends to be a bit cheaper than buying seedling plants, and honestly, the feeling of accomplishment and love that you'll feel towards your little green babies is guaranteed to boost your mood and make you feel like the best plant mom in the world. Cheap Seeds, an Etsy store, has a ton of seeds for sale, almost all of which are under $5. My pick? These li'l "Snow Daisies." I am already in love.

3. Patch Up Your Clothes

With this super-cute feminism patch from Suminology, you can casually remind the world not to mess with you because you are a badass. Plus, it costs $3.99.

4. Surround Yourself With Adorable Pets, Even If You Don't Own Any

Volunteering at a pet shelter is doing mass amounts of good, and you get to be surrounded by pups, and kitty cats, and sometimes even rabbits. There's also Bark n Borrow, a free app that is essentially like Tinder for pets who need to be walked in your area — good for people who would like some more one-on-one time with a fur baby, but may not otherwise have access to one.

5. Go Strawberry Picking...

Strawberry season is right around the corner, which means farms across the United States will be starting their "pick-your-own" berry programs. Some places require a minimal flat fee, while others let you pick for free. Regardless, you end up with mass amounts of fresh strawberries that will stain everything you own, but in a charming way.

6. ...And Then Bake Something With Them

A pie! A cake! Some jam! Anything that you can share with friends! And then do share it with friends!

Guys, don't you love summer?

Images: Starbucks; Giphy (5)