Britney Spears' Instagram Is A Gift

Britney Spears is a legend. Since the moment she stepped on the scene back in the '90s, Spears has captivated all us. She was the ultimate sweet girl next door, but she could also kill it on any stage and demand attention everywhere she went. Now that it's been over a decade since her pop star peak, Spears has settled into her role as a loving mother to her two boys and a Vegas performer, who loves social media... a lot. In fact, after scrolling through her feed, I can't help but feel like Britney Spears' Instagram could just as easily belong to a kooky aunt. It's full of grainy pictures, weird collages, and inspirational quotes without any rhyme or reason — the whole nine yards.

You know exactly what I am talking about. We all have that one aunt who posts out-of-focus photos of her backyard plants and posts selfie after selfie of herself wearing her newest shades with the cute bling. Listen, I love that my mom and aunts post on Instagram and think they are adorable, but that doesn't mean that I can't find their feeds a little hilarious. Plus, we will all be there one day.

Spears is living her authentic and fabulous life, so I wanted to celebrate her kooky aunt ways and highlight some of her most bizarre and hilarious Instagram photos. She deserves to do what she wants, and I appreciate her for going for it.

When She Did This

I don't quite understand the use of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" here.

When She Was Peak Aunt

OK, maybe I am speaking from experience (I am from Florida), but this grainy photo of leaves speaks to me on many levels. She still got over 40K likes on this photo!

When She Was Embarrassing

I think it's cute that she hangs out with her sons so much, but they're obviously getting to that "stop it, mom" phase.

When She Tried Out Her Fancy New App

You can bury me now because I am deceased.

When She Danced By These Rocks

I want to know who was filming this.

When She Just Casually Painted Leaves

I just imagine pop queen Britney Spears walking around her huge house in her crop top and stopping in to make this sweet little painting, upload it, and caption it with a French song. I wonder what lead to this? We might never know.

When She Posted This Weird Manip

But Britney, what app is this? I am asking for a friend.

When She Made This Video Collage

I love the cinematography.

When She Posted A Glasses Selfie

Britney Spears actually looks like she's going to a normal office job, and she looks really cute!

When She Treated Herself

I don't know who dared give Spears cold bread, but I am thankful she let us know that she got herself hot bread.

When She Showed Off Her Doodles

Just a normal day in Brit's life.

When She Was An Adorable & Happy Mom


When She Posted A Photo Of This Fancy Cupcake

She just wanted to share its beauty with everyone.

When She Was Crushing On A Window Display

We have all been there once or twice.

When She Loved Her Inspirational Mug

...and didn't even bother trying to focus the photo.

The best thing about Spears' amazingly random Instagram is that she seems like she is finally at peace and comfortable enough to let fans into her world, however kooky and carefree it may be.